[Interviews] - iQue: Atlanta's Prodigy Producer

Name: IQue
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: R&B
Occupation: Producer
Label: Unsigned 

TMC: Well thats always good. So why production, what
made you want to be a producer in this ever so changing industry?
IQUE: They say that if you "Choose a Job you love to do, you'll never work a day in your life." I started making
music because I liked to make
music. When I finally began making
money from my productions, it
never really dawned on me that I
had found a career. I still make
music because I love it!

TMC: That is true. Who are some
producers that inspired you?
IQUE: Polow Da Don has always been
my biggest inspiration in music
production. some others include Cool
& Dre, Bryan Michael-Cox, Jermaine
Dupri, and Scott Storch.

TMC: Yea, all those people are very
awesome producers to look up to. So
give us a little resume of people you've worked with as far as producing.
IQUE: I've worked with a few artists, some are new ones like Mykko Montana, and some are older ones like Kilo Ali. I'm thankful to have been able to be a part of so many projects at such a young age and such a short time frame.
Right now I'm really focusing on working with the major labels and no-so-much the independent acts. so look out for some huge releases from me!

TMC: Moving on up (lol) But I know Mykko he has a hot single out right now. But how would you describe your production style & what makes your sound unique?
IQUE: My Forte is definitely R&B. That's where my heart is! I like to mix in some different instruments or patterns from different genres or styles of music that i pick up from my travels and use them in ways that can be related to the
emotions you feel when you listen to hip-hop or R&B. My music is soulful, with a slight twist. It's something only I really know how to do!

TMC: Can't go wrong with loving R&B. Is there anything other than producing that you do in the music industry?
IQUE: I have my hands in a little bit of everything! I'm currently sponsored by H&M clothing and I also run IQue Media. We specialize in graphic design and photography. I'd been personally designing album covers for years for clients
like Fantasia, Maino, and Young Dro! It's funny, I've been involved in so many situations, some people jokingly call me "International Que!" 

TMC: Wow so you do it all. What made you want to do all that?
IQUE:I've always just followed my instincts and let one thing led to another!

TMC: Can you name some ideal artists that you would love to hear over your beats.
IQUE: I would like to look forward to hearing Bobby V on an IQue track! He has an old-school vibe that I know would sound great! A few others might include Rick Ross, Kevin Cossom, and Keri Hilson. They all have amazing songwriting
skills, which is what I look for in potential clients.

TMC: Those would be some amazing collabs. Ok you've been in this business a while do you have any advice for young producers trying to make their way into the game?
IQUE: The most important thing I can say to an upcoming producer is to plan, keep an open mind, and to stay humble!

TMC: Let us know some up coming moves you have for the near future?
IQUE: I'm always working on something big! You'll just have to stay tuned and see, but I can give you a hint: keep your eyes on your T.V sets! It's Over!

TMC: lol, Sounds Good. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this interview & I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.
IQUE: The pleasure was mine. Thanks for the opportunity!


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