[Interviews] - J.ROB on the Track Making History

Jonathan Robinson aka J.Rob
Location: Maryland
Genre: Hip Hop, RB, Pop, Reggae, Reggaeton, Jazz, Dance, etc.
Label/Indie: Hard Hitterz Inc.

TMC: For those who are not familiar with who you are, introduce yourself.
J.ROB: Hello world, I'm J Rob aka JRob On The Track , music producer/engineer based out of Maryland. I've been producing for about 6 1/2 years worked with major artist and countless indie artist.

TMC: Name some tracks that you have produces for.
J.ROB: I've produced Cyhi The Prynce feat. Yelawolf - Bulletproof, Redman - Lift It Up.

TMC: What was it about producing that made you want to pursue it as a career?
J.ROB: What made me want to pursue production was being intrigued by beats of The Neptunes, Timbaland, Dre, etc. I would always hear the Neptunes songs and be like I want my music to sound like that and the songs they produced were always dope to me.

TMC: Who can you say inspired you the most to actually become a producer?
J.ROB: The Neptunes definitely inspired me the most. They were so versatile in their production but kept their signature and I strive to be able to always switch styles at any giving time.

TMC:What Genre/s do you specialize in?
J.ROB: The genres I specialize in are Hip Hop, R&B but I do Reggae, Rock, Reggaeton, Jazz, etc.

TMC: You are President of Hard Hitterz Music Group. Tell us a little about that.
J.ROB: Yes, I'm the President of Hard Hitterz Music Group and also the producer/engineer which is a independent label based out of the DMV. My brother Tamarcus Person is the CEO of the company and we work with various artist in the area such as D'General, Young Noah, Majestro, Fru, M.O.E, Shamara, Deborah J, and alot more artist.

TMC: How would you describe your Sound?
J.ROB: Honestly I don't know people say I have a sound but I don't hear it yet. LOL I like for my tracks to have some type of feel to it and portray some sort of emotion.

TMC: Is there any advice you can give to new comers that you wish someone would have told you?
J.ROB: My advice to upcoming producers and artist is to always study, have patience, work with as many artist as you can, have a good team around you that's hard working and passionate about the work you do and always stay ahead of the curve be unique.

TMC: What is something people might not know about you?   
J.ROB: One thing people might not know or know if they're following me on twitter or facebook about me is that i'm a huge Cowboys fan. LOL Being from the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area, which consist of mainly Redskins fans, the hate for my team is unbelievable but it's all in fun and love. #teamcowboys best team ever. LOL

TMC: What does J.ROB have coming up in the near future?
J.ROB: I have alot of music coming up. You'll be hearing from my artist that I work with and a couple other major things that's going on so stay tuned. All artist interested in production from hit me up @ www.twitter.com/jrobonthetrack or www.facebook.com/jon.robinson1 my email is jrob@hardhitterz.com. Thanks everything for reading this interview.


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