[Interviews] - Lil-Flo Malcom: On the Come Up

Name:Ira Malcom
Genre:Rap/R&b and pop
Occupation:Love to make great music
Label/Indie: Get Like Me Management 

TMC: Let the people know who Lil Flo Malcom is?
LIL FLO M: Lil Flo Malcom is a talented 18 year old from Decatur that loves to do music and will work until he reach the top. I want everybody to know me for me, behind the music. I want to send a message to everybody that supports what I'm doing I want them to know if you stay focus you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

TMC: How did you getting started in music?
LIL FLO M: Well I use to run around the house at a young age rapping, never took it serious at the time until my peers and family told me I had talent. My step dad The only person that believed that I was gone make it and he bought a studio and after that it was on.

TMC: Describe the kind of music you make?
LIL FLO M: The music I make is really all around music. I have music from teens to elderly people. My music has a unique sound to it that makes me stand out I call it twang. Lol but yeah that's how I describe my music.

TMC: Who are some of the artists that have inspired you?
LIL FLO M: Drake,2pac,Andre 3000 and Biggie

TMC: What artists would you like to work with
in the future? (Major, Local, Up&Coming)
LIL FLO M: Drake,Wayne,Young dro,B.o.b and
Snoop dogg

TMC: There are a lot of rappers trying to get their name out there in this industry so what
makes you different from the rest?
LIL FLO M: What makes me different is that I don't sound like nobody that's doing music and I really love doing music. I'm not like the rest of these rappea that want to get out to get money I want everybody to hear what o have to say.

TMC: Since you've started music what has been the biggest challenge you've had to overcome music wise?
LIL FLO M: The biggest challenge to overcome would be not responding to these negative comments that people say about me. But I'm getting alot of exposure so I'm going to keep it as professional as possible.

TMC: Where would you like to be in your career in the next 3 years?
LIL FLO M: I would like to be at the top of the rap game and still putting out great music

TMC: Ok so you have a new mixtape dropping soon, tell us a little about it. What should we expect, any features, anything we need to know?
LIL FLO M: Well the mixtape is basically about the good side of me and the bad side o me. Y'all should be expecting nothing but 12 grey songs. I have Marco from dem get away boys on the mixtape I have The Infamous Kimiko on there is very fun working with her she has a great mind and ideas. And I have my play brother Yung Buddha on the tape as well he doing his thing also. But yeah the tape is going to be hot.

TMC: Other than the mixtape what does Lil Flo Malcom have planned for 2011?
LIL FLO M: Well Im trying to invest money into getting my own club and maybe start scouting for other artist to get under my label I might start late 2011

Random Questions.
TMC: On your spare time, what do you do ? (other than music)
LIL FLO M: Play basketball, workout and eat cereal all day.

TMC: Are you scared of anything?
LIL FLO M: I'm scared of heights

TMC: What's your favorite movie?
LIL FLO M: The Incredibles


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