[Interviews] - Nessly: ''Anticipation''

Name: Maclean "Nessly" Porter
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Occupation: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Label/Indie: Slip-n-Slide(2008),Interscope[Production]   (09-2011),Elites Music Group(2011-)

TMC: Who is Nessly as an artist & as a regular person ?
NESSLY: Nessly as an artist and as a regular person are definately the same people. I believe the key to differenciating yourself in a genre where people typically have split personalities, is to give the world the real you and hope you are accepted.

TMC: What inspired you to do music ? 
NESSLY: In the beginning stages, music was just a hobby that I never completely took serious. Now, being experienced with 6 years in this game, I realize hiphop has gone down the path of fantasy, and needs to be brought back to reality. I would like to bring reality to the mainstream; and that's what inspires me today.

TMC: That is true, so throw out some name of artists you look up to ?
NESSLY: Many artists inspire me, new and oldschool. I get my storytelling from the likes of OutKast and Jay-Z; but J. Cole definately has given my music much of its' quality and style.

TMC: So I know you produce also , so which comes first Nessly the Rapper or Nessly the Producer ?
NESSLY: Well, I have been asked this on many occasions; and this is the best way to answer it. Nessly the rapper definately comes first in my heart; but I gain more respect when meeting new people and telling them I am a a producer. Most people have the prejudice thought of the younger generation being full of rappers who arent true "artists", so I gain my respect with being a producer, and prove myself with my lyrics as a rapper.

TMC: That's a good way of putting it, but being that you do both does it ever get complicated as to which beats you will keep & ones you would give to other artists ?
NESSLY: (Hahahaha) Honestly, no. I put my all into everything I do, but I know when to keep or sell a beat. In addition I have a large amount of producers who also produce a majority of my best work; and always supply me.

TMC: Was rapping always something you wanted to do ?
NESSLY: Yes, rapping was always something I found to be fun and "cool". Now I see it as hip hop is on life support, and it is partially my duty to keep it alive and going well.

TMC: What impact do you want or hope to make with your career ?
NESSLY: I hope to show the masses that storytelling hip-hop can still be entertaining and just as good as mainstream rap. I hope to educate those who are stuck in a mind of fantasy.

TMC: I know you attend college right now, how do manage both ? Does it ever become too much ?
NESSLY: Honestly, it has been quite hard; but I still dedicate enough time to both. College actually helps my exposure improve greatly aswell. I compete in cyphers and sell my cd's there. 

TMC: Almost like the best of both worlds good networking & learning at the same time, so as far as music goes what has been the best advice you've gotten from someone ?
NESSLY: "Never sell my soul."

TMC: True. What sets you apart from other artists & producers ?
NESSLY: As an artist, most likely my lyrics (for my age); but as a producer, im honestly not as good as the industry ones. Many people enjoy my beats; but I know I need to improve.

TMC: Describe your style of music ? 
NESSLY: I describe my music as "tasteful, but real".

TMC: You dropped your mixtape "Anticipation" on Datpiff.com not too long ago. Tell us why you decided to name it that & a little about the mixtape ?
NESSLY: Anticipation is Nessly's break from the commercialism that he once offered, him giving you a rundown of the industry today, and how a new standard must be met. I named it "Anticipation" because, the fans are "anticipating" the day Nessly is known by the world.

TMC: What can people expect in the near future from Nessly ?
NESSLY: Better music. Also in the works of arranging a collaboration with GOOD Music artist "Big Sean".

Random Questions.
TMC: What's your favorite color ?

TMC: Things you do on your spare time other than music ?
NESSLY: Hang out with freinds, go to the mall, and mostly promote!

TMC: Places you like to shop ?
NESSLY: Neiman Marcus, Standard, Tisavision.tv,Louis Vuitton


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