[Interviews] - The Skywalkas: Hip Hop Group

Name/s: Hunna, Harper and Obi
Location: New Orleans, La
Genre: HipHop, Soul, New Age
Occupation: Celebrity stunt doubles lol (obi)
Label/Indie: Skyh Music

TMC:Who are the Skywalkas?
SKYWALKAS: Three talented individuals, thats make
meaningful music.

TMC:What does the name Skywalkas actually mean?
SKYWALKAS: Obi:I love this question, The Skywalkas are just a
manifestation of our lives combined and how we chose to live them. Hunna: Its like everything high.

TMC:Was music always something you guys wanted to do?
SKYWALKAS: Obi: Yea, I never wanted to do anything else, after I found out I could do this and like really get money doing this, it was over after that. Harper: Nah, not really I f**k
with it cuz my dudes f**ked with it I wana do it now though all in. Hunna: I have been making music since I was 13 years old for the love of it, so to get paid for something i would do for free is f**kin mind boggling.

TMC:What makes this group different from everybody else doing music?
SKYWALKAS: Obi: The album we're working on answers that questions pretty accurately, but if I had to name something outside of content, we are pretty honest with our music, not a lot of fiction with The Skywalkas, crazy right? Huna: We're different we don't hold nothing back, we're different we just be ourselves and speak our mind and people can feel that energy and it makes them want to be themselves. Harper: We're different from everybody else, we the reason.

TMC:Who has a major influence on your music career?
SKYWALKAS: Huna: Family, what really keeps me going. Obi: Family. Harper: I'd have to say, fab and all the new guys out, everybody making good music

TMC:What has been the biggest challenge since you guys started music?
SKYWALAS: Obi: Honestly, its just getting together and working, we might all be in the same place maybe two months out the year, so if I had to say the biggest challenge is getting everybody in the same building, but we just use our time wisely. Hunna: Juggling what you have to do what you want to do (huna). Harper: Getting seen is the biggest challenge. make this our profession

TMC:I seen that all of you are working on your Bachelor's Degrees right now, how do you juggle both your music career & schooling?
SKYWALKAS: Obi: Prioritize. Hunna: Hard work and manage your time well and be organized.

TMC:Was there ever a time any of you thought about giving up on music? If so, Why? & What made you continue?
SKYWALKAS: Obi: Not since I sold my first beat. Hunna: Yes, because of impatience, but I'm not a quitter. Harper: Never thought about giving up

TMC:Any new projects you guys working on for 2011?
SKYWALKAS: Obi: The Album, working with some pretty dope a** producers, Ziggy, The homie B and a few sound click legends. Hunna: Stay tuned and see, just know that we have been working hard. Harper: Mixtape, album our solo projects, super high.

TMC:Thank you for taking out the time to do this interview.

-- Random Questions
TMC:Basketball or Football?
SKYWALKAS: Obi: Golden State Warriors - Saints Hunna: 49ers Nicks Harper: Broncos

TMC:Favorite Song out right now?
SKYWALKAS: Obi: Mogul-My Piece Hunna: Tank-Emergency Harper: The Skywalkas - Skyline

TMC:Favorite Movie?
SKYWALKAS: Obi: Casino Royale Hunna: Step brother Harper: Family Guy is all I watch.


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