[Artists] - "Unsigned Hype" Kirby tha HOTTEST (October)

Name: Kirby Tha Hottest
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Hip-Hip
Label: G.E. Entertainment

The young man who would be known as Kirby THAHOTTEST, was born to a single mother on February 22, 1987. As the youngest of four boys, Kirby often found himself relegated to the sidelines of any group action, no matter what that action might actually be.  From this vantage point he watched and learned.  The game was played out before him in vivid living color.  He quickly internalized the Dos and Donts of the streets. Poetry became an early outlet, an expression of all that he experienced.  He often wanted to speak, but he felt he was never heard.  His poetry became his passion, and the words he wove together garnered attention.  He felt that through his words, committed to
paper, he had a voice that would make people listen.

Growing up in Detroit was a difficult proposition at best. Being young, he was touched by much, but still very insulated.  He was surrounded by people that loved him, cared for him, and got him through the worst, the things that threatened to break through his insulation, and do him harm. Kirby always had a good ear.  He worked to perfect his ability to listen.  He was a quick learner, and fast became wise to the ways of the streets.  He had a vision for himself, and it did not include the dark ties of the nighttime hustle.  He would always be true to who he was and from whence he came, but given his talents, he knew there was a future in the story being told, packaged, and then sold.  At 14 his family relocated to Atlanta.  Kirby arrived with dreams, energy, and a strong desire to succeed.

The streets had intruded into Kirbys life on more than one occasion. He was a child of the North and South, and in his mind swirled a maelstrom of deeply rooted, heated words and images.  These words and images connected many facets of a young mans life.  Being deeply spiritual, Kirby was able to defy the worst parts of the hustle.  He knew deep inside he was better than average.  He knew he had what was necessary in order to withstand the negative forces surrounding him.

As time went by Kirby found himself living in a household with seven other kids.  His mother is currently raising eleven children. Things only got harder for Kirby and his family.  The daily grind of life's struggles continued to intrude into his existence, sometimesviolently.  For Kirby, this was simply more gristle for the storied storm in his mind.  His poetry gave rise to music, and his music became a vivid representation of the struggle on the streets, crime, drugs, money and hos.  Having seen so much, he came to firmly believe
the only thing promised to a man is death, so a man must be committed to living life to the fullest, with a deep, abiding respect and love for God.  This is how Kirby lives.

Music has now become Kirbys metaphor for life. The words from the storm in his mind combined with mood altering music became his personal escape.  He came to understand his passion, and to seek fulfillment within the confines of his gift.  He knew with certainty that it would be a far better thing to live average doing
what he loved, than to live rich, spending a lifetime doing something he hated.

Kirby was his given name.  When he blessed the microphone with his words he turned heads, literally commanding people to stop and listen. And listen they did, eagerly, deeply, often saying, Damn, that lil dude gon be HOT!  In high school, on the streets, on the court, wherever Kirby encountered a crowd, and a beat was to be found, he blessed those there gathered with his words, again, and again eliciting the comment, Damn, thats HOT!  As Kirby considered it, the creation of his name seemed like a natural progression, just the next step in his growth.  He was Kirby.  And he was damn sure the hottest around.  And so, Kirby THAHOTTEST was born.
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