[Artists] - "Who's that New Girl?" Blanche

Name: Blanche
Location: Riverdale, GA
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Label: Unsigned

Not the Golden Girls character, but sixteen year old rapper Blanche is a female artist on the rise coming out of Riverdale, GA. Although shes from the south, Blanche truly has a musical taste and sound different from most southern artists. Born to parents from Cameroon, located in West Africa, shes fully aware of her heritage and where she comes from. My people expect me to represent and theyre watching every move I make is what the young sixteen year old rapper states. However, she wants to be known as much more than just a rapper. Not only is Blanche lyrically gifted, shes great artistically, loves to write poetry, and is an aspiring actress enrolled in a performing arts school for theatre. Blanche has been rapping since she was eight years old, writes all her music and has been a recording artist for almost a year now. Currently, shes gearing up for her first mixtape Whos That New Girl? in which she merges school with hip hop. I call myself the new girl because I see myself as being the next big female rapper to get in the rap game. The school theme is metaphoric to the industry and Im the new student entering. Get it? asks Blanche. If you don't now, when you listen to Whos That New Girl? its guaranteed that you will. Within the sixteen tracks on her mixtape, she takes you through homeroom, freestyles at the lunch table, dismissal and plenty more. Maintaining a 3.7 GPA Blanche definitely knows a thing or two about balancing the rap book and school book. Studying many great female MCs that came before her, such as Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante, Eve, and Missy Elliott, this young woman knows exactly what it takes. Blanche is determined to resurrect that edgy hip hop sound from females that we use to love and wont stop until she does so. So pay very close attention and get ready for the new girl as she prepares to make her mark in the game!

ASK:REPLY: What do you feel makes you a "Unique" Artist?
I feel like my musical content and characteristics make me a unique artist. My cultural make up also makes me unique being that I come from an African background. Not only that, but I'm young and determined. I don't know too many young artists my age with the same drive that I have. I am willing to go out of my way to make big things happen for myself and don't rely on anyone to get what I need done. My music is also very versatile. I don't just put myself in one box. My goal is to target every type of demographic I can as possible with my music and give people music from a female rapper like they have never heard before.

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