[Interviews] - @DJWESWILL “Mr. Get it Popping”

Location: Tri State
Title/s: Radio, Mixtape, & Club DJ
Affiliations: Coast to Coast DJ, JahYummy DJ, A&R DJ, Charged Up DJ, Swat Team DJS
Phone: 609-532-1292
Email: weswillmusic@yahoo.com

TMC:How did you get your start as a DJ?
DJ WESWILL: I got my start by tearing up my dad’s old belt drive turntable; I kind of got interested in being a dj from there. I began to by records, making tapes, and watching some of the greats of that time.

TMC:What  was is about DJ’ing that made you want to pursue it as a career? 
DJ WESWILL: It was the love of the music, and the art of being a dj was interesting to me. What it took to become a good and respected dj made me go hard.

TMC:Before becoming a DJ were you influenced by other DJs? If so who? 
DJ WESWILL: I was influenced by Kid Capri, Red Alert, Clue, Flex, Ron G, Cosmic Kev, Doc B, Jazzy Jeff, Jay Ski, there were so many at the time and that was when the art form and the technical aspect of Djing was at its prime.

TMC:How important do you feel a DJs role is in the industry?

DJ WESWILL: its probably the most important I feel and the most under rated. We break the records that the world hears. The artist makes the music, but who do they give it to for spins? Dj’s are the ear to the streets.

TMC:To get ahead in this game, what advise can you give to artist? 
DJ WESWILL: Stay consistent, build your buzz, stop being scared to spend money with no return, and perfect your craft.

TMC:A lot of artists, especially the Up & Coming trying to make their way into the business don’t really know how to come at djs. What advice can you give? 
DJ WESWILL: Artists have to build some sort of a relationship with the dj’s. Sending your song to me on twitter of FB isn’t going to cut it, because unless I’m actually sitting in front of the computer at the time I’m not going to listen to it and at the end of the day, I’m not taking time out just for a random person. Artists must realize how many unsigned artists come at dj’s on a daily basis.  However for those unsigned artists that I have built a relationship it easier to be able to work.

TMC:Are you a personal Dj to any artists? If so who? 
DJ WESWILL: I’m the personal dj for A.P. the Mayor, and for Almighty Ent.

TMC:What are some projects you are currently working on? 
DJ WESWILL: I’m working on three projects right now, The Best of Big Ooh, The Freemix pt. 2, and RnB Sensation vol 1

TMC:If your accept it, how do artists go about submitting tracks for mixes or mixtapes? 
DJ WESWILL: They can email me at Weswillmusic@yahoo.com

TMC:Is there anything else you like people to know about you or about Dj’ing or yourself?
DJ WESWILL: Pretty much I’m on my grind. The world can tune and watch the kid on Jahyummyradio.com Fridays from 8pm to 10pm, keep an eye out for www.ayoweswill.com. Last just a big shout to The Music Connectz Magazine, thanks for everything!
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