[Interviews] - @YoungCartoon "A New Breed of Talent"

Name: Young Cartoon Aka Splash
Location: Miami
Genre: Hip Hop
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned


"Im Faded"
Young Cartoon FT. @JordanHollyWood

TMC: For those who may not know you, tell the people who Young Cartoon is.
Young Cartoon: im a Hip Hop Artist from Miami who really doesn't care how people feel about me i do it cause i love music

TMC: How did you get that name?
Young Cartoon: My mothe gave me that name as a kid but i started using it as i got older (cartoon) but the young is just to stand out from all the Disney stuff when you google it

TMC: What was it about being an aritst that made you wan to pursue?
Young Cartoon: I really enjoy making music but i never really knew i was pursuing it until i made a song called wham and everybody liked it. everything before wham was just having fun and fooling around

TMC: How do feel you a are a Unique Artist?
Young Cartoon: i never thought of a answer to that question because im not really trying to stand out. im just being myself and if standing out happens then thats wassup

TMC: What projects do you currently have in the works?
Young Cartoon: Im working on my Latest Mixtape called "Coming from the bottom" Hosted by DJ Smallz

TMC: Name some people you look up to when it comes to music?
Young Cartoon: i look up to Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Uncle Luke and all other Miami Artist and the Kanye West and any other artist who dont give a fuck how people feel

TMC: Tell us something people may not know about you?
Young Cartoon: im a very caring person :) i love kids, and im big on family but i dont have one

TMC: What's next for Young Cartoon?
Young Cartoon: The limit is the sky, i have a few clothing brands im working with on getting a line, i will be starting a new label soon to find younger talent and along with personal business moves i have lots of things in mind
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