[Next To BLOW] - R&B's Shy Guy T. PLEZYA (November)

Location: Panama City Beach,FL
Occupation/s: R&B/Pop Artist
Genre: Futuristic R&B
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned

T. Plezya, born Tony Edmond Jr. on July 20, 1986 in Miami, Florida grew up all over the world from overseas back to the states, and due to being a military brat, graduated high school and began strong musical aspirations in Germany. Due to in-taking and being exposed to several

different cultures daily, T. Plezyas music and appeal has no choice but to display unique personality. T. Plezya was introduced to the music industry first as Lil T in the r&b/hip hop group YK, which stood for Young Knowledge. YK began in a frostbitten 2002 winter of Germany. In Early early 2008 the group split due to musical differences after relocating to Texas to further their opportunities, but this counted as no regret because during the groups shallow reign T. Plezya had the opportunity to share the stage with former group members of B2k and Bad Boy Recording artist Loon along with other accomplishments. When the group called it quits, T. Plezya didnt let that stop him from reaching his goal to sharing bigger stages with bigger artists reaching his highest potential.  T. Plezyas unique talent of creating melodic tunes grabs the ear of both young ladies and gentlemen with real life situations; from break ups to make ups; to club scenarios. Recently being proclaimed as a force to be reckoning with, fits perfectly because of his electrifying tones and presence on and off record. T. Plezya needs neither pen nor pad; just a mic to record a hit.

In 2008, T. Plezya was now solo. While collaborating with major and independent artists as well as major, well-known producers, this created an authentic T. Plezya sound.  In 2009, T. Plezya released singles like Rockstar Love and Bow (produced by KE on the Track) that really created the Futuristic R&B buzz. In 2010, T. Plezya released records like the pop, r&b, but still Futuristic R&B side of him on Love rollercoaster, My Queen, and the first official single, Unforgettable Sex available on Itunes. Recently, with quotable feedback from djs in the clubs and streets, T. Plezya is now in a great position as an unsigned R&B/Pop artist.

January 2011 starts a new year with new goals and new visions. Releasing his new single on January 4th, 2011 was probably the best feedback ever received from any record released. The song is doing great numbers and getting  great responses for 2011s first quarter. In the midst of the exclusive records and two single released from T., he has dropped a total of four official mixtapes: Business Before Plezya, Futuristic Love Affair, One Night on Jupiter, and the most recently released, A02 Mixtape, all consuming downloads over 10,000 downloads each. With the extreme economic change occuring T. Plezya is destined to bring an equal change to R&B and Pop music.

Futuristic RnB (We Come In Peace)
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