[Producers] - Top2Bottom Productions @Action0419 & @AliasJizzle

Name: Top2Bottom Productions (2 members)
- Marques "Action" Jackson
- Kerry "Alias" Augustus
Location: Currently residing in MD.
Genre: We produce Hip Hop and R&B
Label:  We are currently independent/ unsigned producers. We are currently working under our brand, "Compound Boiz", which also consists of our DJ, DJ Pop Rek, and our artist, Mac Marz.


What sets you apart from other producers? 
Our main goal is to be different.  I know everybody says this but we really strive to stay away from whats trending or what everyone else is doing.  We have a saying "The Difference is actually being Different" and we really believe in it.  We want to know and understand how certain styles and sounds are done but we make it our own and flip it to fit what we do.  One other thing that sets us apart is that we were born and raised in different states.  I, Action, is from Ft. Wayne, Indiana and Alias is from New Orleans, LA but spent alot of his childhood in GA as well. So we try to combine our roots, our backgrounds, and how we feel music individually, and put all of that into each beat that we produce.
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