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Name: Bee Rauk
Location: New Jersey
Genre/s: HipHop/Rap
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned


TMC: Introduce yourself.    
Bee Rauk: Bee Rauk born in 93' is a young talented female hip hop artist straight out of Southern NJ. Her passion and ambition sets her apart from many other artists' in the game but also her flow and genre is so unique. Bee Rauk is currently a college student but always makes time to pursue her dreams and remain consistent with music by any means.Music runs through her veins and she has been writing music since she was 14 years old but recently has set her aspirations on it realizing that God gave her a gift and her gift back to him is using it to it's full extent and power. Bee Rauk says her influences are solely on two artists Wale and Kendrick Lamar, who Bee Rauk feels are greatness at its peak. "Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny. Dream big."

TMC: What made you pursue music?    
Bee Rauk: My journey into the music industry began with my passion for poetry. I would write down my thoughts, feelings, and anything that was on my heart, and then I'd present what I had written to my Church and some of my friends. I always would receive positive feedback which would fuel me to continue writing. I wrote one poem that meant the world to me and it really opened my eyes to my talent.The poem was centered on my grandfather’s cancer diagnosis. I finally gave in to the compliments I recieved and decided I had to make something of her writing. The thought came to me that I should combine both of her passions (music and writing) and I start making music. After that and to this day I can't stop, I'm so hungry to better myself and make it.

TMC: What sets you apart from other artists?    
Bee Rauk: First and foremost I'm a female which sets me apart a lot because sometimes I'm not taken as seriously as other starving artists. My music sets me apart, It's real, it's heartfelt, it's life. All of my music tells stories. My love for music is conveyed through my sound every time I get in the booth I leave my heart there music isn't a hobby to me it's a lifestyle and a must.

TMC: What's something people may not know about you?     
Bee Rauk: Something that a lot of people may not know about me is when I was younger I wanted to be a comedian. It sounds kind of crazy and a lot of the time my jokes are corny but it was just a little dream I had.

TMC: What projects do you have planned for the near future?    
Bee Rauk: I plan to drop a new EP in July or the beginning of August.It should be a really good project with some dope features on it so I'm really looking forward to it.
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