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Name/s: Dot Com , Dot Jones, .Com
Location: north carolina
Genre: hip hop/rock
Label/Unsigned: ssg official/ independent


TMC: For those who may not know you, tell the people who Dot Com is.
Dot Com: last year's carolina music award winner for best new artist and the fastest rising underground artist in the south ! one who was able to utilize the internet like no other and get this far without a budget or a professional team around him including a manager, all which is about to be taken care of.

TMC: How exactly did you get that name Dot Com?
Dot Com: all about evolution i guess, my initial stage name was r-dot, then i dropped the "r" b/c there were so many, ex: j-dot, c-dot, b-dot ... then later while working as an internet repair tech, i started having fun with urls as a sneaky way to fool around w/o management catching on, for example i would type something like http://www.ihatethisdamnjob.com & no one would be able 2 even see what i typed , only those who knew what was up after they clicked the link ! there's alot more to it as well, but that's initially where it all began, then it just made sense, we live in the internet era , and i believe i am the future of hip hop & an example of how to make it in this day & age even if you don't have the funds or the professional help as long as you're able to utilize the net. 

TMC: What was it about being an artist that made you want to pursue it?
Dot Com: not one thing in particular, this is just my purpose in life so it was either pursue it or shift the stars lol

TMC: How do feel you a are a Unique Artist?
Dot Com: well specifically with rap artists, im unique due to my background, i came from  a very rough area & i made it out and then went to a "white" college, so im very well rounded & balanced & that shows through my music.  Im also unafraid to be myself, and im proud of my education and the fact that im a smart individual, alot of artist are musically sound but not so smart in the common sense of intellect, and then you have some of those who actually are very smart yet they try to downplay it to portray some type of persona that isn't really them.

TMC: What projects do you currently have in the works that you can tell us?
Dot Com: due to me taking this 1st 1/2 of the year to focus on finally getting my business foundation laid so i can truly pursue things on the career side , beginning in June i'll be releasing alot of free mixtapes , some conceptual, some just randomly put together with different djs, but some i can speak about will be "P.O.T.S (Prince Of The South)" , "For The Ladies Vol. 2" , & A Compilation Project with My team SSG

TMC: I seen a lot about "SuperStar Swag Gang" can you tell us a little bit about that?
Dot Com:  we are a collective organization of individual superstars in our own right, we each possess that appeal that would have common folk approach us even if they didn't realize who we were, it's just something about us.  we welcome all of our fans & supporters to take part in it, b/c it's not just music it's a lifestyle and all about carrying yourself with the swag of a superstar ! musically, we'll be putting out our first compilation project "#SwagSalute" this summer & i'll focus on marketing some of the top artists on the team.

TMC: Name some people you look up to when it comes to music?
Dot Com: my list is pretty typical i guess, but it's really 2pac, big, jayz, nas, eminem, some atypical ppl i look up to is james brown, michael jackson, prince, elvis & rick james , they were all some of the greatest entertainers ever and more-so then just a musician im an entertainer.

TMC: What's something people may not know about you?
Dot Com:i skipped the 2nd grade , i used to be a genius lol

TMC: What's next for Dot Com?
Dot Com: Well after finally getting official management & a budget everyone can expect me to takeover the region as fast as i took over my local market
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