[Rising Stars] - @IzovaMusic provides Real Hip Hop (May)

Artist Name: Izova The Khemist
Location: Los Angeles
Genre: Hip Hop
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned/INDIE

With the drought of emcees lacking substance in todays era of music, the hip hop culture remains deprived of its purity and value. Cooking up a tasteful remedy Izova the Khemist prepares to provide Hip Hop with a new dose. A dose of what he calls the #Fix. Coming from the roots of LA and being a product of his environment, has inspired Izova to explode his views and experiences with the rest of the world.

"Stand out for once be a little different. Voice something in ya lyrics without being explicit. Throw a curve ball for once, switch what ya pitching speak the truth cause you ain’t gotta lie to kick it."

Away in the studio being a student to the game, inspired by the talk of watered down music Izova has prepared a high dosage for consumers who have been yearning for fresh material. The Khemist incorporates knowledgeable facts also allowing consumers to relate to his life through lyricism and drawing minds into becoming a fiend. 

“We all have a voice. Will they take the time to listen. Same struggle no
 matter the race or religion. Ashamed it still exist in the times that we live in." 

Being that the Khemist is ready to provide his form of addiction, The release of his second project the FIXTAPE serves as a form of promotion for the release of his up and coming album MDA.The FIXTAPE will allow consumers to get familiar with his sound, raw flow and versatility. The first album; MDA Izova speaks on neglected topics that concern today's people. Adamant to dispense change thru music The Khemist has a serving of what he'd like to call your prescription.

"A generation where nothings giving you play for self, can't lend a hand cause 
                                                        majority needs help."

Aside from being an Independent Artist without any major representation, Izova has managed to get radio play through Urban Soul Radio, received a two page spread in LA Raw Water Magazine and runs Lavish Events and Ent. A showcase and entertainment company that provides a platform for indie artist to showcase their talents. With sheer motivation and drive, Izova is determined to contribute to the Hip Hop community, as well as positively inspire lives through his movement.
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