[Next to BLOW] - Hip Hop Artist @Dominant843 (June)

Name: Dominant
Location: Georgetown,SC
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned


TMC: Question: What sets you apart from other artists?
What set's me apart is my grammer.   Im from Georgetown,SC and we have a semi Geeche dialect from our neighbor Charleston County. You hear artist like Rick Ross talk about it, but its big here in South Carolina. Also, im a artist who doesnt limit his music. I'll try any style/sound once. im only 5'4, but I find it funny when people that dont know me hear my music and says " dude raps like he's at least 6 feet tall" lol  That's pretty different too.  Just living up to my name DOMINANT. I demand attention when speaking :)

Brand new single "Check How I Do It" is now available on "Itunes and "Rhapsody.com NOW!!

The south has held the hip hop crown for some time now, and as it continues to progress, South Carolina adds new quality talent to the scene on a frequent basis. The latest addition is newcomer Dominant, a young diverse artist ready to showcase his talent and contribute to the southern hip hop movement. 

Hailing from Georgetown, South Carolina, Willie Winns Jr a.k.a. Dominant was born February 3rd, 1986 to parents Willie Winns Sr and Loucretta Windley and is the oldest of three. The 25-year-old rising star discovered his musical talent in the second grade. While growing his career in music, Dominant drew inspiration from his neighbor; Zaybo and his local rap group Drunken Gambinoz. He also credits Kris Kross, No Limit, and Cash Money Hot Boyz in playing an influential role in his career. 

After a few years of development, in 2004 Dominant formed the rap group called Da Heatspeakers. The group did well and managed to create a buzz for themselves throughout the Carolinas. Unfortunately, after four years the group parted ways in 2008 due to poor management. Although the group project  failed, that wasn’t going to stop Dominant from pursuing his passion. Shortly after the break-up, he went back to work – this time as a solo artist. He released his first official demo titled “Just a Taste” in the summer of 2008, and gained notoriety with his single “J’s On My Feet”. The catchy track quickly caught the attention of local radio station 98.5 KISS FM, and with that earned him a spot in the station’s hall of fame after a successful seven week winning streak on the their “Battle of the Local Jams” weekly on-air contest.

Following the success of “Just a Taste”, Dominant began working diligently on his first solo mixtape project. In the summer of 2009, he teamed up with South Carolina’s DJ Dynamite and released “On My Way to Stardom”. The mixtape showcases his versatility and abilities to adapt to different styles, while also catering to the ladies. “On My Way to Stardom” has served as an excellent introduction for the young artist, and proves that his journey will be full of accomplishments.

As Dominant has continued to pursue his solo career, his hard work and consistency has been paying off.  In 2011, he won 2 SCUMA awards (South Carolina Underground Music Awards) for Best Collaboration with affiliate, Apollo, and Best Mixtape for “On My Way to Stardom”.  He shows no signs of slowing down, as he is preparing to release his forthcoming mixtape, “DomSeason”, and is enjoying the success of his current single, “Check How I Do It”.  It’s clear that others are beginning to take notice to Dominant and his talents, but he remains grounded and anxious to continue down the road of success. His work speaks for itself  – he is a young, hungry artist capable of bringing refreshment to hip hop, and progresses in securing his spot as each day passes.
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