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EDUCATE & ELEVATE is a streetwear brand with a difference. The line was created after being bored of the fashion choices in the UK, tired of the same mass produced retail garments that we see over and over again, making people look like clones of each other! Our team are huge hip hop heads and have an obsession with all things old school. Our influences for the brand are people like TLC (coolest girls to ever walk the earth) Vashtie Kola, Spike Lee (in particular Do The Right Thing). We also wanted to create a brand with a message of positivity, encouraging young people to work hard for their dreams as we all know that with hard work comes sucess!
One of our mantras is EDUCATE THE MIND, ELEVATE THE GRIND - Which basically means, the more you educate yourself about the world and your surroundings, the higher chance you have of moving up in the world and being sucessful. Not just sucessful in terms of money,but being the best version of you, you can possible be. YOU CAN'T EDUCATE THE MAJORITY WITH THE MIND OF THE MINORITY. We’re a street wear brand with a difference, a positive message, and we believe that we can educate & elevate through fashion.


Behind The Scenes @ Educate&Elevate's First Ever Photoshoot

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