[Fashion] - Q&A with Up & Coming Streetwear @PolvastiFresh Clothing: "Ride the Wave"

Polvasti Streetwear

Polvasti is a Streetwear Clothing line founded by Andre Jackson in New Orleans, LA. Polvasti represent freedom; Freedom of self, maintaining youth, and freedom of expression. We believe in the right to be who you are, dress what you feel, speak what you feel - simply - the comfortability with being yourself. We promote positivity in all forms. Currently, Polvasti's website
only feature shirts- we are looking to expand with the upcoming seasons. Polvasti's motto is "Teamwork make the dreamwork" "Loyalty over Royalty". Polvasti members include, the CEO, Andre Jackson along with several partners to include Dashawn Merritt, Nasir Lloyd, Candi, and last but not least Christiana Harrell. Together we make it happen with three simple tools: Loyalty, Teamwork, and a determination to succeed.

For updates please "LIKE" our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/Polvasti
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Please visit the Polvasti website to learn more about who we are, what we do, and ultimately, check out our products. www.Polvasti.com

TMC: Tell us how you came up with the name for your clothing line?
Polvasti: I wanted something original, yet something that stood out. I went through atleast 10+ different names trying to find something that I thought STUCK. You know, like peanut butter and jam. I thought of a word that represented the brand as a whole, and I looked for different ways to express it via google.

TMC: So when and how did you get started?
Polvasti: Honestly, I got started in early 2012, January to be exact. First I just wanted to resell brand name clothing, lets just say it isn't as easy as it looks. I got tired of the hassle and decided it would probably be in my best interest to build my own company and design my own clothing.

TMC: What’s the concept behind your designs?
Polvasti: I believe everyone, regardless of social/financial class, are diamonds in the rough. I believe this because we all struggle, we all smile, we all cry- we all are human - therefore regardless of status we all feel. The bear represent youth. When you are young some people hold onto toys, like bears. We carry
it around everywhere until someday we grow out of it. The bear represent youth within your dream, carry it around everywhere you go and never let go. The diamond represent the diamond in the rough, and the crow represent royalty. We all are diamonds in the rough, we all are kings and queens.

TMC: What are your influences or inspiration behind your designs?
Polvasti: Honestly, my inspiration was just to do something that was different but have a true meaning behind it, not just be "swagg" with no solid foundation. Wanted to do something that represent what I believe.

TMC: What do you feel separates your line from the rest?
Polvasti: First of all, no shade (lol), but Polvasti uses Next Level Premium T Shirts. Therefore, it feels good, looks good, but most importantly wont destroy your shirt when you wash it. But nah, I don't know that would be a question to ask the supporters honestly. I think maybe the Polvasti Team hustle. We hustle hard every single day.

TMC: Give us a few fashion tips than can be useful?
Polvasti: Just be original. Just be yourself. Honestly there's all types of walks of fashion around us everyday and I admire them all even if it isn't something I would wear. So the best tip I can give is just be you. Freedom of self, freedom of expression.

TMC: What's one major “fashion NO-NO” to you?
Polvasti: haha, man. Like I said big ups to people that do them regardless of what the world around them is doing, no shade at all. But something I wouldn't do myself - ever - is wear:
1.)polo style shirt with noshirt under it
2.)Tuck shirt behind the buckle of my belt but let the rest hang freely
3.)cuff my pants

TMC: What have you learned being an up and coming line, Good & Bad?
Polvasti: Good thing: Learning about the printing process, photography, organization, business mannerism The hardest thing to learn is how to roll with the punches. Sometimes your "good" decisions are actually bad decisions, and you just have to learn how to accept it, learn from it, and move on.

TMC: Every Clothing line usually has a “motto” or a “saying” that represents their clothing line, what is yours?
Polvasti: "Ride the Wave" lol I thought it was cool

TMC: What plans do you have in the near future for you line?
Polvasti: It's still up in the air whether or not we will do an accessory line for the Fall season, but of course designing for Winter, and networking with our supporters. Working toward getting on Karmaloop by Dec-Jan time frame so that is dope as well. May also see some collabs with Morgan Santurri sometime this year, by the way shout out to that guy & follow him on Twitter.

Thanks for the interview. Next time lets do it live. Let me get some shout outs out the way before we conclude this. Shout out to Nas, Candi, Chris, My boy Daze, Wayne J., Que, Status Junkie Media, The Link Magazine, Money Mitch, Sha Sha Jones, Fly Boy Keno (follow him @_flyboykeno & cop the new album), The whole Polvasti Team,NEW ORLEANS & of course you ;)
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