[Artists] - @Conflict_TBM is Determined to be Great!

Name: Conflict
Location: Hawthorne, CA
Genre: Hip Hop and R&B
Label/Unsigned: We- On Music Group

TMC: Whats makes you a Unique Artist/s?
Conflict: What makes me unique as an artist is for one I rap, sing, produce, write, and engineer everything so theres a sound that I have developed on my own. I try to make music in which Im inspired to do which is driven by life experiences or things Ive seen. I have a great love for hip hop and R&B itself and it shows thru my music.

“Music is life. What is life without music?”
When you look into Conflict’s eyes you can almost see the pain that fuels his determination. The cliché ‘destined for greatness’ never rings more true than for this multi-faceted and many layered artist. As a rapper, writer, producer, arranger, engineer and singer (yes singer) there isn’t too much that the musically inclined, indestructible artist can not do once he puts his mind to it.

Conflict, the youngest of three children and the only boy, was born Prenze Hampton on 2/2/81 in Harbor City, CA.  A true 80’s baby, he grew up in South Central Los Angeles during a time when gangbanging, drug dealing and race wars were at an all-time high.  Conflict never succumbed to such influences knowing early on he was too headstrong to follow the packs and fall prey to peer-pressure.  Football became a saving grace and a successful career at Hawthorne High School had Conflict entertaining college prospects and dreams of becoming a professional until a fatal blow to his knee killed all such ambitions.

Fortunately while playing high school football Conflict discovered a love for music and the music industry watching his cousin Gonzoe, who was working in the hip hop group Kausion. 

Once high school ended, Conflict became more serious about rapping and producing and started a group called The Untouchables before deciding to go solo. The struggle to find the resources to pay for tracks from other producers became a blessing as he used his musical ear to begin developing his own producer skills. The necessity awakened the gift and once word spread, others began to request his work. Conflict continued to tap into his full potential.

It all seems to come naturally for Conflict, who states his moniker comes partly from the fact that in his life it seems that no matter what he is doing, he seems to attract it and partly because he plans to be a problem in the entertainment industry. He uses the words and thoughts of his naysayers as motivation to be successful and memorable.

All of the early grinding has paid off as his spit fire, thought provoking lyrics and hustler mentality caught the attention of Glasses Malone’s Blu Division Music, where he was formerly signed. In 2010, Conflict released the rhyme heavy full-length feature, Back to Basics which received street accolades. He has numerous mixtape releases, features and personal projects. Following in the footsteps of other west coast greats 2Pac, NWA, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, Conflicts plans to leave a grand imprint on this industry.

In 2012, now under We On Music Group and Jazzy Management, the second full-length feature Strip Club made its way into the hearts of strippers and undercover freaks everywhere with the help of social media and a heavy online campaign.
Conflict has been no stranger to struggle having gone from times of scraping change together for studio time to staring down the barrel of a gun, but he knows he has a gift and a purpose for being here and will stop at nothing to fulfill that destiny.
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