[Artists] - "Unsigned Hype" @iFlyCooL (August)

Name: Scottie Neth
Location: Cleveland OH
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label/Unsigned: CoolClub Music Grp/ Unsigned

TMC: What was the about being a Artist that made you want to do it?
SN: Im honestly just in tune with making good music. Hearing a creative beat and turning it into something that people can relate to or vibe to, is what keeps me motivated. I enjoy creating art in the form of music.

Born Jermaine Scott, May 16 1985. Raised and resides in Cleveland, OH. At the young age of 14, Jermaine was already in tune with writing and recording music with childhood friends where he became known as the artisit JSHOK.

Raised by a single mother with three siblings in lower income housing, music became an outlet for JSHOK. Where he enjoyed the feeling of putting his thoughts into a lyrical format and turning them into a musical picture. As JSHOK's musical interest grew stronger, he invested in a studio MIC and PC equipment. And by networking on various music online sites, he educated himself on how to record and mix his own music.

In 2003, With an interest in the entertainment/business world, JSHOK attended Kent State University. During his stay, he was introduced to the college party/event promotions scene where he built connections that led him to people and friends in cities all over the country. Upon returning home to Cleveland in 2008, he was now an older, smarter, motivated artist with a passion for nusic that ran deep.

 "Bright Lights"

With a few shows, radio plays, and hundreds of recorded tracks under his belt, JSHOK evolved into a more grounded focused artist with a unique ear for music. Shooting his first official video "Love Line" on January 2, 2011 in Brooklyn NY, JSHOK grabbed the attention of a wide range of listners/viewers. Now with a little buzz following his work, he dedicated more time into the studio and put together plans of releasing a project "Incompatible With Losing" in Summer of 2011.

Year after year, music simply become a passion for JSHOK. In March 2011 with a recreated vision and a brand new set of goals, JSHOK changed his name to SCOTTIE NETH. The new name allowed him to give a more personal feel to his music, giving that his full name is Jermaine Kenneth Scott [Scottie Neth]. The new name also gave him the oppurtunity to show his growth as an artist to his old follwers while attracting new ones.

Now as SCOTTIE NETH, he returned to New York City and shot his second official video "Cuz I'm Cooler" in March 2011. And has formed a music group with a few hometown artists [CoolClub Music Grp & CoolClub Affiliates].

SCOTTIE NETH released the project "Incompatible With Losing" on Datpiff.com & various sites on July 24th, 2011, gaining worlwide views & downloads. The release of the singles LoveLine, Cooler, & Super Fly Dope helped demonstraate the variety of sounds and talent that SCOTTIE NETH has developed over the years.

The next project "Speaking Cool & Fame" has the projected release of summer 2012. This brand new project will include new videos directed in LA & NYC. You can check out the early release of the single "Arrival On Demand" on Soundcloud.com.
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