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Kid Rich Clothing
Pittsburgh, Pa

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When you put together a person with the gift to gab, a graphic designing computer specialist, a person with great fashion sense, an ambitious promoter and someone thats has a stern business mindset. You get the great team of Kid Rich Clothing. We’ve been in each others lives since the younger years and we have always been known to never do things the, should I say, correct way. The rebel way. We have come together as a unit to succeed in a area that the city of Pittsburgh, Pa is not known for. Fashion. We notice that pretty much everyone in Pittsburgh were “followers” instead of  “leaders” when it came to fashion. Just following whatever new trend is in all the videos or the stars were wearing. So we decided to create a lane of our own, so we created Kid Rich Clothing.

Kid Rich (R.ebel I.ndividual C.hanging H.istory)
Clothing is about going back to those childhood days and when you use to sit and fantasize about if you were the richest man/woman in the world and the things you would do and the places you would go. The rules you would change. The lives you would make better. Well some of those fantasies and dreams don't need money and you can begin to work on them now. If nobody else supports you, the people of Kid Rich do. We are a generation of rebels and innovators.
Fight for what you believe in and believe in your dreams and join the Kid Rich movement.

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