[Interviews] - "BADBADNATION" on the way from @LeLeakaBadBad

Name: Lele aka Bad Bad
Location: South Carolina
Genre: Rap
Label: Kuntry Gurl Ent / Unsigned

Leak from her Upcoming EP titled "Bad Bad Nation" 
due out Sept. 4th
"Real Love"

TMC: For those who don't know you, can you breifly introduce Le Le aka Bad Bad?
LELE: Im a independent female artist from South Carolina! I go by Lele aka Bad Bad ,ima kuntry gurl with a southern slang ready to introduce the world to "BADBADNATION"..

TMC: How did you get the name?
LELE: The name Lele came from when i played basketball they couldnt pronounce my real name so they called me Lele for short..Bad Bad came later..

TMC: What was it about being an artist that made you want to pursue it as a career?
LELE: The fact that i have a fan base that actually follows and listen to my music.The grind, struggle,and determination of being able to succeed threw it all. The love of it is what really matters..

TMC: Give us some qualities you have that make you a unique artist?
LELE: I would say my sound,my attitude my whole personality i would say. The way i go donkey on a beat lol.

TMC: What has been you greatest achievement since in this industry?
LELE: My greatest achievements were being heard nationally on satellite radio,national blog sites,winning Female of the Year twice and Album of the Year at SC Music Awards, hell gettn paid shows knowing im growing consistently.

TMC: You're working on a EP titled "Bad Bad Nation", what can you tell us about that?
LELE: "BADBADNATION" is gonna b to me one of the best i put together i would say..all i can say is Sept 4th dont forget to hit the Itunes download button.lol Epic.

TMC: Who can you say are some of you musical influences?
LELE: Some of my influences are Jay Z, Lil Boosie,Lil Kim,Mia X,Young Jeezy,Rick Ross,Yo Gotti,Lauryn Hill,Missy and more..

TMC: What's something people may not know about Le Le aka Bad Bad?
LELE: Something they may not know hmmm all they have to do is @leleakabadbad and ill tellem lmaoo

TMC: Other than your EP, tell us what's next?
LELE: Whats next a few mixtapes coming out two with TawagPromotions ..and after my BADBADNATION drops prepare to see alot of visual and another mixtape from BAD

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