[Interviews] - Producer @MirSwain Dedicated to Changing the Game

Name: Mir Swain
Location: Chester, Pa
Genre/s: New Age

TMC: For those who may not be familiar with who you are, can you briefly introduce yourself?
MS: Amir Swain Producer/Audio Engineer... I'm from Chester Pa

TMC: Can you tell us how you got started as a producer?
MS: (laughing) its a funny story... I started managing my cousin who happens to be a talent rap artist but we didn't have a producer or a studio.. No support.. We simply got tired of waiting for beats from producers so I learned how to produce and record our records

TMC: Who were some before your time that inspired you the most?
MS: Large Professor, Dj Premiere Hi-tek, 9th wonder, J Dilla, No ID, Alchemist, man it's so many but you get the just of the caliber I named

TMC: What sets you apart from other producers?
MS: well there are some talented producers out here these days... But I think variety is the key to my style being able to produce tracks and have artists ask "they were all by you???"... I'm like yeah and then they say "that's crazy they all sound different" I just say thank you..

TMC: How would you describe your production style & what's distinctive about your sound?
MS: I'm a backpacker with a chip my shoulder (laughing)... My style is fun but serious...crazy but cool...laid back but aggressive... I can speak to your soul and in the same sentence break your trunk!!!!!

TMC: Can you give us a little resume of people you've gotten the chance to work with? & Out of them all is there a favorite project?
MS: man...I'll try to keep it brief (laughing) Claudio Cueni who worked on the audio portion of the Tupac Hologram not to mention his platinum and gold rap sheet, John Graham, Realysm, Teves, TBrown, The Perfect Voice, Devin Martin, Tommy (the group No Question), Jamai, just to name a few.. My favorite experience... Would have to be working with Claudio in Los Angeles... Learning from someone of his stature was the best if u blinked you missed a lesson it was epic..

TMC: What is something people might not know about you?
MS: (laughing) I never planned on doing music or being a producer. I love cartoons and anime, I went to art institute for anime before I switched to audio production

TMC: What do you have planned for the near future?
MS: produce on an award winning level and continue to be a student to the world sound...

TMC: Anything Else?
MS: My Mixtape Instrumental Cd Digging in the Crates is available online www.egofreemusicgroup.com and DatPiff.... And follow me on twitter @MirSwain shout out to Music Connects Ego Free Music Group, my Management MV8 Management I Love Y'all and be on the lookout for Risk Vs. Reward the album end of this year peace and love

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  1. Phenomenal Interview! He truly is the future of sound design!

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