[Artists] - "Unsigned Hype" @WestsideNiro (Sept)

Name: D.Niro
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Management: Jazzy Management


TMC: What was the about being a Artist that made you want to do it?
D.Niro: I would say my peers. I would always rap around school or in my neighborhood and they loved it. So i finally got in the studio and I personally loved how my voice sound in that capacity. Thats when I decided to take it seriously and pursue a career in this business. And seeing the response i receive drives me to become a better emcee.

        Los Angeles, CA,- The future of hip hop has arrived. D. Niro a Los Angeles emcee has polished his craft and is ready to be in the forefront. The 19 year old rapper displays his talent through his unique delivery and melodic vocals. With the summer vastly approaching D.Niro has prepared his highly anticipated “Money Talks, Vol.2, Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed.”, a mixtape that is expected to boost his stock and solidify him as one of the West Coast best kept secret.

        D. Niro and Jazzy Management have plans of taking the industry by storm with the young gunna. “I’ve been working hard to get to this point. I just want my music to inspire and penetrate the ears and hearts of my listeners.” says D .Niro.

“Its Time”
D. Niro Feat. Jay Ali & Del Macco

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  1. Hello im from the south ATL and would love to see a nice write-up On jazzy from jazzy management.. I think he's unaware of how much Music Business Game he drops on us up and coming artist from the south.. That brother is a very intelligent brother and a gift to have on the west coast we appreciate the knowledge that he gives us.. I see a lot of the artist on the west with a big buzz today Jazzy was instrumental in helping and I don't think he gets the credit that he deserves I've researched and seen his history in the west coast music business and Jazzys a true West Coast pioneer that don't get the credit that he deserves he's taught me so much and I've never met him and his YouTube videos (Jazzysgetsomegame) are priceless educational masterpieces that All artist should take a look at

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