[Rising Stars] - Freshman to the Game @AkaCharm (Sept)

Name: Charm Aka Baby Girl
Location: Decatur, GA
Genre: Rap
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned


TMC: Introduce yourself.
Charm: Hello, My name is Charm aka Babygirl. I am a 17 year old female rapper from Decatur, GA.

TMC: What made you pursue music?  
Charm: I became interested in music through church and television via music videos, etc. My father was also an artist, and he was a big influence on my career as well. 

TMC: What sets you apart from other artists?    Charm: I am a female with lyrics number one (much needed in todays music industry)! I don't prefer to talk about materialistic things like many other rappers choose. I speak on all issues from the streets, politics, education, fun, sports, and male bashing(Just Kidding)!

TMC: Tell us something people may not know about you?Charm: I won an Atlanta Underground Music Award within the first year of my career. It was titled the "S.T.A.R.S." award, which stands for "Strive in Achieving Respect & Success in the music industry".

TMC: What projects do you have planned for the near future?  Charm: I will be releasing my new EP this fall which includes my singles, Poinsetta (over 15,000 views on youtube), Vibrate (Battle Grounds champion on Hot 107.9), and my new dance record titled "To the Top (Drop)".

The new era of music includes the likes of Scooter Smiff, Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons, and Jacob Latimore. But now, there is a new up and coming artist that’s about to take the freshman music group by storm! Her name is, “that’s right!” HER name is “CHARM”! Charm is a very talented young lady from the streets of Atlanta, Ga., the daughter of Yolanda and Keith Russell. Keith Russell, a convicted felon, was determined to see his daughter, Charm make better decisions on her personal journey to success.  A former artist himself, Keith encourages Charm to work on her skills day in and day out. Yolanda Russell believes that Charm was a blessing from the skies since she was not expected to have any more children during the time of Charm’s conception. Yolanda stated, “A woman told me that she dreamed about Charm being surrounded by many people, some will hate her and most will love her.” This same woman was killed nearly two weeks later and her prediction has been on the mind of Yolanda Russell ever since. During the summer of 2011, Charm was introduced via Keith Russell, to “John Boy on Da Track,” a multi-platinum producer.  John Boy was floored when he heard Charm’s skills for the first time ever in a recording studio. “It was so raw and natural”, said John Boy. “She has talents that can’t be taught!” A few months later, John Boy signed Charm to a recording agreement under his personal label, Bionic Entertainment, aka “8 Oasis”! Charm has since released a five song promotional EP titled “Charm School”, which includes street certified single “Yeen Know” and self-titled single “Charm School” featuring Princess of Crime Mob. Kaine, of the Ying Yang Twins, provided assistance and coaching for the project. Charm’s influences include Nikki Minaj, Chris Brown, T.I., Tyga, and Beyonce. If you like the new age of music, then you will LOVE what Charm has to bring to the table. You can catch up with Charm via Twitter.com/@AKACHARM, YouTube.com/AKACHARM, or Facebook.com/CHARMAKABABYGIRL. For further inquiries, send email to charmakababygirl@gmail.com.  Stay tuned for more from Charm, because this is only the beginning! “Yeen Know!”
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