[Next to BLOW] - ATLien Female Rapper @SuniMFSolomon

Name: Suni MF Solomon
Location: Atlanta
Genre: Hip Hop
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned



"5th Mixtape"

Many female artists struggle to establish their musical identity and are scared to have that ALL IN YOUR FACE attitude but still remain humble and respectful. Some female hip-hop artists refer to completely changing their image to obtain success. Suni MF Solomon fits in neither of those categories while her sound is something rap/hip-hop is missing! Parole Liquide says:Rap and soul together create something original and not obvious, and the flow of Suni is remarkable!” making music to live to, laugh to, smoke to, reminisce to, and party to. Her new mixtape, “5th Tape Outchea”, which is set to drop mid June, Suni is definitely letting her ATLien come out in her own unique original way but still having some songs for EVERYBODY! Currently pushing “Incomplete Thoughts” she is still shooting visual for this mixtape.
A happy jumping 11 pound baby girl was born June 13, 1991 in Brockton, Massachusetts at home with a midwife. Quickly moving down south after birth Suni grew up on the Westside of Atlanta, Ga. Suni began showing interest in music at a young age, rapping in the mirror at 7 and playing the violin in middle school, but she didn’t get serious about music until her teenage years. She explains, “I was always involved in music through schools, I was chorus in elementary school but I always wanted to play an instrument, I got lucky in 7th grade when my school offered orchestra and provided the instruments.” Although being a rebel got her kicked out of her original high school, Suni changing schools was great for her music venture, her teenage years was when she found herself as an artist, “Before I got kicked out of Douglass I met my producer BobxWeave, but I was still timid about my music or even mentioning the fact that I did music to other people. Me changing schools was the best thing that happened to me I gained a new found confidence and developed & name and a buzz” High school was where Suni began calling going under “Suni MF Solomon” as her rap name,  “High school was great because I developed my name, just began going to the studio and putting music out and that quickly got me a buzz amongst my peers.” Linking up with North Atlanta high school’s rap entourage SBi (Curtis Williams x FLYTASTiK x Key Dolo x Wade B), Suni began a great musical relationship with FLYTASTiK and ever since 2009 they have been making music together. “I met Fly when I went to North Atlanta, he has such a mature, cocky, but fly demeanor our personalities just clicked and our ideas were always dope when it came to music.” Shortly after linking with SBi Suni dropped her mixtape “Back to the Basics”, “I dropped my first mixtape and the whole school went crazy I felt good walking in the hallways.” “Greedmont Park a big blog in Atlanta got ahold of my tape & reviewed it before I even knew anything about submissions so that was a great feeling!”
Throughout the time of releasing her first mixtape “Back to the Basics” in 2009, Suni has released 3 more projects: “Suni With a Chance” in 2010, “MFmix” 2011, and “Incomplete Thoughts” in 2011. Suni’s name grew through and out the city of Atlanta while collaborating with artist such as: Purple Monkey Sircus, JaMEEL, De-Capo Music Group, The Born Genius, Kemelia Da’Vinci, FLYTASTiK, and many more. The pieces slowly began falling into place with her music career. From winning open mics at GSU and open mics most venues provide. Performing at legendary venues such as Apache Café. Teaming up with local artist and her longtime producer forming a team that goes by “CMFTBLVN” (Comfortable Livin’). In which they sponsored their own college tour, The Feet Up College Tour, touring UGA, HU, and ending in DC to perform at legendary venue Twins Jazz in DC. “Working with my team and being able to list my accomplishments throughout my dream chasing I feel very confident that God has a lot stored for me in the future, with a great following and fan base I will continue to drop new music to keep myself relevant and successful,” says Suni.
With the attention that “Incomplete Thoughts” caught from new fans and blogs Suni says she’s ready to give her fans new music and to expect new sounds, “On my new tape I want to touch some topics that no one has ever touched. I like to think outside the box and not sound like your typical song. Some beats I’ve had for a moment but haven’t touched because when I write I aim to give you that sound you never heard and speak on that thought you never spoke of.” “I’m in the studio recording everything piece by piece no rush because I want to make sure I have no regrets on anything I put out.” With BobxWeave producing his unique mellow sound & Suni MF getting features from her team CMFTBLVN & others we are positive the fans will not be disappointed by her performance on “5th Tape Outchea” but we all have to wait til it drops!
Suni MF Solomon is currently on the road in GA performing at local venues and working on her next tape. “The music will continue to inspire all to live life through its ups & downs.” Suni will  continue to stay true to herself and her music and most importantly her fans!
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