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Wonder how 2Chainz, Beyonce, & Chris Brown brand themselves? 
The JayBee Agency 
can help you brand your name or company today! Currently, The JayBee Agency works with a few names that you might know and love. We had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO and founder, Jeannetta Blue. 
Learn about the JayBee Agency today.

PPM: Please let us know more about the JayBee Agency?
JB: The Jaybee Agency is a firm that specializes in Imaging Consulting, Styling,Personal Development and Brand Management. I created the Agency because I see a huge need for clients to be aware of who they are in order to fully express themselves in their image and as a business.

PPM: Is the JayBee Agency working with any clients currently that you can name?
JB: I currently represent Don Mega, in house D Block producer and Entrepreneur as well as OG Mack Drama with the Brick Squad camp.We are building relationships currently with a couple other celebrity camps in hopes that we will be taking on 3 additional clients soon.

PPM: We read that you lost over 60lbs in 3 months? Is this true, and if so, how did you do it?

JB: Yes. I lost 52 lbs in my first cycle of the 90 day challenge. I've lost about 15 additional lbs since then as well. My weight loss really motivated me to help others brand themselves.

PPM: How can people sign-up for the health program that you are apart of?
JB: My health program is also an option in the experience at The Jaybee Agency! We focus on the importance of health as an Entertainer as well.

PPM: What if someone wants to only lose those stubborn 10-15lbs, can they still benefit from the health program?

JB: Absolutely! There is something for everyone on the challenge.

PPM: Where can your online audience stay connect with you socially?

JB: My Facebook pg is Jeannetta Blue, my Twitter @biznessblu, jaybeeaz on Instagram.

PPM: We heard through the grapevine that you are associated with D. Block Mega Music / BSM 1017. Is this correct? If so, how are you connected?
JB: I've recently began brand management for Don Mega, Inhouse D Block/Brick Squad Producer. He's an amazing talent. There are many great things to come from his brand!

PPM: Do you manage any independent artists? If so, who and how can we find their music? What are they up to currently?

JB: Yes, in addition to the Jaybee Agency, I currently manage a portfolio of independent artists throughout the US! Be on the lookout for Ronnie G, Robby G, Perfekshun (Producer) DH. Doon, Dice Dollar, E-9, AGS, and BIGS- The Official Music Group Squad in 2013.

PPM: Marketing-wise, how do you provide marketing services to your clients, whether they are your artists or other artists/companies that need promotion?
JB: The Jaybee Agency has partnered with  Priceless Promo to market for our clients. Official Music Group is partnering with Platinum Hits to showcase talent. Platinum hits is in direct relationship with a panel of A&Rs from both major and independent labels throughout the industry. We will also showcase talent via digital distribution.

PPM: It's rumored that you are known as "The One the never sleeps." You've also been known to answer your phone or schedule middle of the night meetings. Is that true?
JB: Absolutely lol... I live for what I do and there are no limits to when I handle business. With the exception of family, my business comes next. As far as sleep goes, I sleep, I sleep when I need to. Most people in the industry are up or in the studio late so I accommodate my Industry by being available when they need me.
As you can see, The JayBee Agency is more than a one-stop shop, but can fulfull all your needs to brand your company and help you achieve your goals, dreams and successes! Make sure to stay connected with JB to learn the latest news with The Jay Agency!

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