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Look who we got an exclusive interview with! None other than Judi Jai from The Bad Girls Club! Check it out below:

PP: Everyone knows you as the “Krazi” one of the bunch, while on The Bad Girls Club, what do you think about that?
JJ:I think it's typical. What people don't understand they always call "Krazi." I am just misunderstood ;) hahahaha.

PP:Now, that The Bad Girls Club season 7 has since passed, do you still consider yourself a Krazi Bad Girl like others may view you? 
JJ:I am not crazy 24/7. I like to chill, too. I've changed a lot of my ways, but a lot of my ways are still the same because that's me. I can't pretend to be something I am not. 

PPIf you could describe yourself in just three words (adjectives) what would they be? 
JJ:Outgoing, loyal, and artistic. 

PP:Judi, we read online that you are an only child, is that true? And if so, how do you think that made you into the person that you are today? 
JJ:Yes I am an only child. I think it played a big role on how I act. I am use to getting what I want and being the center of attention. Unfortunately, the older I get I realize the world doesn't work like that ;( pray for my future husband, hahaha.

PP:What did you learn about yourself and life in general while on your season of The Bad Girls Club? 
JJ: I learned that I can stand on my own two feet and at the end of the day nobody will love you and care about you like you do for yourself. 

PP:Do you still talk to any of the other roommates that you had during Bad Girls Club Season 7?
JJ:Yes, I am still close with Tiara and Angelic. Me and Shelly have no beef either. 

PP:We also read that you are an aspiring TV Show and Radio personality, are you doing anything in your desired field at the moment?
JJ:I have my own radio show on Jermaine Dupri's website #global14 every Friday at 5pm. You can follow it on twitter @thejudijaishow. I will also be appearing on Oxygen's Love Games 4 this Monday Nov12.  I won season 3, and they brought me back duhhhh ;) I have another surprise project as well. 

PP:Anything that you are working on right now that you can give us exclusive information about?
JJ:I do have something up my sleeves, but do to contracts.. my lips are sealed! But until then y'all can look forward to my Show Magazine hitting racks in February :) Black Lingerie edition! 

PP:What is the best way that Judi Jai fans can keep in touch with her? 

JJ:Follow me on twitter @judijaikrazi and on instagram at MsJudiJai , also book me in your city at bookjudijai@yahoo.com.

PP:Any special Shoutouts? 
JJ:Shoutout to team Judi voodoo dawls, my manager with DTM management, oxygen, bunim Murray and the whole Bad Girls/Love Games franchise!
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