[Fashion] - Q&A with @8and9 Clothing

8&9 Clothing. 

Miami Based Street Lifestyle Company


TMC: So when and what made you start your own clothing line?
8&9: Started in 2001, 8&9 was built to bridge urban and skate markets.

TMC: What’s the concept behind your designs?
8&9: Most of our designs have layered concepts where you can appreciate what you see on the surface or dig deeper and find greater meaning.

TMC: What are your influences or inspiration behind your designs?
8&9: We design from a diverse perspective but we’re ultimately a street lifestyle brand. Inspired by the streets, hip hop, skating, politics and pop culture.   

TMC: What do you feel separates your Clothing from the rest?
8&9: Business wise it’s hard work and sacrifice. Creatively it’s our design direction. That depth of concept a lot of brands are lacking these days. We also pride ourselves on the color palettes we use season to season.

TMC: Give us a few fashion tips that you can take into consideration when designing?
8&9: We always focus on the message at hand. What will a particular piece say about the person who buys it. All of our designs have a specific strategy and target. 

TMC: What's one major “fashion NO-NO” to you?
8&9: I’m not a fan of “dressing off the mannequin.”  We try to create pieces that each person may wear differently. It’s important our customers can be themselves and wear our products with anything from New Balances to J’s.  So many brands just slap a shoe on the shirt and sell it to match the sneaker.  That’s a fashion no-no.

TMC: What have you learned being an up and coming designer, Good & Bad?
8&9: I’ve learned consistency is king.  Building a brand is much different than “making t shirts.”   It takes a long time to solidify your brand. This is what we set out to do.

TMC: What plans do you have in the near future for your line?
8&9: The future of 8&9 is increased distribution, more accessories and lifestyle products. Essentially, the same thing our customers know us for but on a larger scale.

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