[Interviews] - Rochester's Own @Convict585

Convict the General

Location: Rochester NY
Genre: Hip Hop
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned


TMC: For those who don't know you can you tell the people who Convict Da General is?
CDG: A Gangster with a Diploma, a one man army The Big Man on Campus I’m the average city kid dream chasing tryna beat the odds and stay positive in a negative environment

TMC: What was is about music that made you want to pursue it?

CDG: music grew on me since a kid I’ve always had a way with words especially with the ladies and rather large vocabulary. Outside of the fact that everybody I grew up around used to flow .so after a while I started trying to put my own pieces together and before u knew it I was spittin my 16s in the local barbershops and droppin tapes at 13

TMC: Name some people that you look up to the most when it comes to music?
CDG: Meek Mill & Kendrick Lamar

TMC: What is your favorite thing about being an artist?

CDG: it’s our god given super power and I say that because you have the power motivation someone or soothe there pain or just bring happiness you can take the human mind wherever you want it to go and to me that is something special to  have the ability to make your words paint pictures or even tell a story

TMC: Give us a lil resume of things you've done & people you've worked with?
CDG: let’s see last December I opened up for meek mill at the main street armory black out event in that was heavy! then over the summer I flew out to LA to rock out with Dricky Graham at the artist to know show I’ve got one of my mixtapes hosted one of new jersey hottest djs and placed on coast 2 coast mixtapes and my latest tape hosted by College club kings dj zeke

TMC: Tell us something you're currently working on. What should the fans be expecting?

CDG: im currently working on pushing the one man army mixtape its 15 tracks very solid very versatile and I feel it’s something to be proud of.  my fans should def be expecting more videos I’m just getting everything right no fraud no gimmicks everything u see in these videos are all me no loaners no rental just me I want people to see the transformation and the changes of me entering the game so expect the unexpected

TMC: Biggest Achievement & Biggest Challenge since in the industry?

CDG: right now I would say the artist to know show because I went halfway around the country to do a show at that with one of the most poppin new artists in the game I got to network with all kinds of people including hit maker jazzy pha and all types of companies as far as challenges I would just have to say the shadiness that comes with it. in this game a lot of the love is fabricated alotta people with show you love until you starting do better than them it’s just not a sport for the weak minded u gotta have heart to survive

TMC: What has been the best advice given to you?

CDG: don’t be anybody else but you!

TMC: What makes you a unique or different from all the other artists on the come up?

CDG:  I’ve created my own lane the gangstas with diplomas era made it cool to be smart and go to school! ima full time student n yeah i was out in these streets but I was also on deans list too back in the day people got beat up for being smart I’m telling you to embrace knowledge is power and without that piece of paper or diploma people don’t wanna hear nothing you got to say!

TMC: What's something people may not know about Convict Da General?

CDG:  not only do I make music but I produce, engineer & work as graphic
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