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Reflecting the struggle of urban Americas real life.The intensity of his music gives it a street edge,while the powerful writing and
uncompromising stage presents emanates a surprising amount of depth and conscience awareness. Without compromising his style
of music.

Location: Memphis,TN
Genre: Hip Hop
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned



TMC: For those who don't know you can you tell the people who Karizma is?K: I enjoy what I do.I have fun and party in my music but I also have a serious and conscious side too.

TMC: How did you come up with that name?K: A women gave it to me she said i was smooth and i had Karizma

TMC: What was is about music that made you want to pursue it?K: I love to create and it gives me an outlet to express myself

TMC: Name some people that you look up to the most when it comes to music?K: Jay-z, Ice-Cube, Scarface, Tupac, Nas, Rakim its a long list of great MC's

TMC: What is your favorite thing about being an artist?K: The feeling you get when someone you never meet can vibe and understand you

TMC: Tell us somethings you're currently working on. What should the fans be expecting?K: My Upcoming Mixtape I'm dropping in 2013 around April Don't have a title yet. Uptempo strong lyrics more content I know you will enjoy it.

TMC: Biggest Achievement & Biggest Challenge since in the industry?K: Doing everything on my own and making an impact with my first solo Mixtape "After the Storm". My challenge is to give you a visual with my words.

TMC: You've been in the industry a while, what has been the best advice given to you?K: Never give up believe in yourself and work hard

TMC: What makes you a unique or different artists from all the others on the come up?K: I am Original with the ability to have substance and fun in my music at the same time.

TMC: What's something people may not know about Karizma?K: I'm a vegan it catches people off guard
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