[Mixtapes] - R&B Newcomer @MoveDez Releases "Real Talk"

Real Talk is more than just songs to entertain and make money. It's pieces of who I am and the things I've gone through. It's about the real things we all go through. The genuine and non genuine decisions we make for love. It's my hope, my light, my mistakes and my hate. This record is for the ladies who work and go to school and truly try to make the world better but still have to deal with men who are not as strong as them (I have been that guy). This is for the fellas who can't pop bottles and waste money they don't have just to get attention from women who don't care for a man who stands for something, but only wants the nigga that can do for her. (I have been this guy too) ha ha. Real Talk is for Real People. You fake folks can listen too cause you might find something real about yourself. Ha ha. Real Talk is about OUR lives. Real Life. Real Love. Real Pain. Real R&B. Real Talk. 

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