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Location: Philly
Genre: Dance, Rap & Pop
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned


Ron Dash music is new fresh different old new rap pop indie dance boom. Every track has a supermodel hanging from its arm while boarding private helicopters transporting the party from rooftop to rooftop. Ron Dash’s tunes inspire celebration, good energy jams you can put on at any time of the day and get lost in. His melodies embody good company, great experiences, strong personalities and stronger drinks.

When Ron isn’t in the studio mixing jams, he is photographing awesome people and things. He first started recording with Danny Newport and Kapano at 5th quarter productions in 2011. He was featured on the Booster Club mixtape with such songs as Dash with Me, Famous and Ole Voila. He also made an appearance on tune Cardigan with Danny Newport and DRE. He is currently working with several producers in the Philadelphia Area and on an EP named Disco Eclipse.


TMC: For those who don't know you can you introduce yourself?
RD: whats good im ron dash born in Baltimore city currently living in Philly. I am a recording artist and have been making music for about a year.

TMC: What sets you apart from other artists?
RD: outside of the actual music that i make with my camp at 5th quarter productions shout out danny newport and kapano, i wouldn't say that i am really different from any artist i pull a lot of my ideas and lyrics from life and past influences. I think music and art are at very transitional point right now with so many people having access to so much and i think its a beautiful thing. So i am just riding the waves like everyone else.

TMC: What's your favorite thing about being an artist?
RD: my favorite thing would have to be the level of freedom that i have to be able to create and show the world what i see and getting the feedback back whether it be negative or positive. A lot of people don't have that opportunity and have to live vicariously through others works and words.

TMC: Tell us something people may not know about Ron Dash?
RD: a lot of people who know me from music don't always know about my love of photography. I have a lot of works displayed nationwide and present at galleries and shows as well. You can check out my work at samuelsrepublic.com

TMC: Future Plans?
RD: future plans are to just keep creating and making music with the people around me and i look forward to working with other well known artist and bettering my craft.

Special thanks to TMC for taking the time out to feature me!
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