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Jimmy Blue Eyes

Location: Englewood, NJ
Genre:  Hip-Hop/Rap
Label: Rags2Riches Entertainment

TMC: What was the about being a Artist that made you want to do it?
H2: Hip-hop is my first passion, it’s my outlet and I intend to use my success as an artist to launch others things. I have a natural talent and passion for acting, modeling and plan to use both to become an undeniable presence in entertainment and fashion worlds. I call my label Rags2Riches Entertainment  because Rags2Riches is about making something out of nothing. Coming from the bottom and rising to the top. Rags2Riches is dedicated to the people like myself who never had anything. We come from broken homes; we were raised in and by the streets. We’ve been bent, but we’re not broken. We’re still trying to achieve something positive in life.

TMC: When you're in the booth laying down your lyrics, who are some of the people who've inspired you lyrically and musically?
H2:  My musical influences are Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, AZ, and Fabolous. However, lyrically my 2 sons inspire me to write. They give me the motivation to succeed and provide a better way of life for them.

TMC: What sets you apart from other artists? What makes H2 unique?
H2:  I believe what makes me unique is that I am a triple threat...rapping, modeling and acting. I've been blessed with the talent and gift to do all three. What sets me apart from many artists is I still believe in the art of music. My approach is to make timeless music that transcends the current fad and crosses cultural barriers. I work hard to make good music for everybody, not just one group of people.

TMC: Tell us about your upcoming mixtape, Rap Heals All Wounds. About some of the tracks you've recorded and the meaning behind the title? 
H2: I came up with the title Rap Heals All Wounds because it's something that's reality for me. I grew up with a lot of adversity, my family and struggle was hard. Felt like I was at war...rapping and music is therapeutic for me. It has allowed me to release a lot of pain and hurt from my upbringing and channel it into a more positive way rather than the negative street life. Lonely, one of the tracks on the upcoming mixtape, talks about my family...growing up with no father and a mother struggling to raise 7 children on her own. It was hard, we didn't have the things a lot of kids in my neighborhood had. But although I grew up in a large household, I still was a lonely child, feeling like I really had no one. I lost a lot of friends to the street life and got caught up in things I should not have. This song takes you through the different stages of my life growing up as a kid and then how I felt when my moms died...it tore my family apart. This saga continues....stay tuned!

TMC: What's something people would be surprised to discover about you? 
H2:  I had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. I was good at bball too. My goal was to go to college and eventually make it in the NBA, but the streets, the hustle got me first.
TMC: Trying to come up as a new artist can be full of ups and downs. What keeps you motivated as an artist?
H2:  My family keeps my motivated. When I see where I grew up and how people in my old neighborhood are still doing the same thing, seeing some of the same people still on the corner or locked up, fuels me to grind harder. I love music and I'm committed to being the best artist I can be, putting out quality music no matter what, telling my story. Being a mentor and positive influence on people who have had the same struggle I have motivates me.
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