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TMC: What was it about being a DJ that made you want to pursue it?5X: The excitement me being around the club a lot as far as being a promoter got me into it . I use to fill in on the DJs breaks and I was amazed how they controlled the crowd.

TMC: Before becoming a DJ were you influenced by other DJs? If so who?5X: Yes most def, DJ Kid Kapri, DJ Honda , DJ Vlad, Green lantern, DJ KaySlay, Cali Untouchables

TMC: How important do you feel a DJs role is in the industry?5X: I feel a true DJ role is very important DJs make the best a&rs if they are truly about there craft and willing to break records like they are suppose to, I think the industry will have way better music then ways out there now. I truly understand that the music had change & evolved but now it seems like , If you go viral on the internet with a hit song that's all you need.which i agree it should be like that. But the industry is getting watered down with people buying YouTube views .The labels are being lazy and not going out to do the footwork. I can buy a million views today and get a record deal. Nothing is hands on no more. That's why DJs are needed.

TMC: A lot of artists, especially the Up & Coming trying to make their way into the business don’t really know how to come at DJs. What advice can you give?5X: the best advice I can give is keep it 100, you gotta come presentable, humble, honest & no attitude. you have to have the right package or DJs won't take you serious

TMC: What do you feel the industry is missing?5X: the rawness I just feel also its missing people behind the scenes, they need to be more experienced street educated people. That are at showcases & concerts that know what they are talking about.

TMC: Who are some upcoming Artists that you support right now?5X: Besides Me? Lol . Nuce da Lynchman, Tuck, Dannyland, Young Cashflow, Comptons Buck, Chance, Ab Cubano, Toni Monroe, Chloe Riley, Avenue Swift, Carmona V,  Coke Boy Droop pop, Coke Boy Brock, Night Stalker from France, CashOut063,  Sir Tom & Nihilli from the UK

TMC: What are some projects you are currently working on?5X: I have a All Indie radio radio station called "Royal Thieves Radio". The Clothing line Royal Thieves as well . But as far as mixtapes, I'm working on a project with Slim Dunkin's cousin from Brick Squad Monopoly with some exclusive tracks. I'm also working with Max B & his younger brother on a major mixtape. I'm also working on a album called "The Blind Heist." Check me out on twitter @DJ_5x I always got projects poppin!

TMC: If your accept it, how do artists go about submitting tracks for mixes or mixtapes?5X: They can hit up my assistant/vp @Aleesh_Dii0r & my director of marketing promotions @ThatGurlToniB and it goes from there basically.

TMC: What's something people may not know about you as a person?5X: I'm the most humble down to earth DJ & person. I look out for the indie artist , no matter how big I get breaking records is what I do.
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