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Name: STO
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Genre/s: Hip Hop
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned


Born Michael O'kelly in Bronx N.Y during the crack epidemic, STO would grow up fast surrounded my drugs, parties and violence. After his mother fell under the spell of the street life STO was bounced around from one relative to another and because his father was now out of the picture. After getting back on her feet his mother moved STO and his younger brother to Harlem in 1992. It was here, under the direction of an older cousin that STO would pick up a mic and changes the course of his life forever.

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"Lucky Me"

TMC: For those who unfamiliar, tell the people who STO is? STO: STO is a hip hop artist writer, producer and engineer. Originally from Bronx, N.Y now living in Atl Ga. Artist, founder and CEO of Golden Palace Entertainment LLC STO's music style is swagger oriented, sex driven, dipped in drugs and hung up in reality.

TMC: What does the name mean? STO: My named after the Human Torch of the fantastic 4. As I got older the name seemed to childish for me, so I changed it to just J. Storm. But then people would question what the J stood for anyway and by this time the movie has come so mfs would be like oh from the movie? Still trying to show off my youth I changed it to Yung Storm, but then that was so saturated I just dropped the yung off and kept storm. But I guess it wasn’t simple enough cause my homie started calling me S.T.O but on paper people would read STO so it just kinda stuck.

TMC: What was it about music that made you want to pursue as a career? STO: I originally got into music cause it was fun and cool. My moms is one of 11 children. My family was know on the block for throwing wild parties so music was always a part of me. I used to see Big L on the block we are from the same area and he was surrounded by a bunch of guys. I didn’t know who he was but my cousin told me he was a rapper, I thought it looked cool to be the center of attention like that. I started actually pursuing a career in music because I wanted to show the world my talent and I figured if I can do that and get rich at it can’t beat it. The more I get into music the more I respect the craft in all aspects from studio to stage and behind.

TMC: Name some people who influence you when it comes to music? STO: I have alot of influences musically. I can say the records that stand out to me the most as monuments in my music memories are joints like. World tour by Tribe, I remember having my tape walkman tryna loop a break in the record to rap to. Method mans All I need, was crazy for me visually. it was like ok you can tell a story too huh. The whole ready to die and Reasonable Doubt records scared me like wow ya know like I didn’t understand a lot of the material but I could repeat and as I aged I started to put together how complex the songs are its crazy like how do you get nice lol. A lot of southern artists like Outkast. T.I , pastor troy Luda showed me that attitude mixed with good lyrics can take you outta here.

TMC: Biggest Challenge or Greatest Achievement since you've been doing music? STO: My biggest challenge would have to be hands down being more sociable when it comes to networking around the business. Im sort of a private guy, I speak through my music so a lot of times is hard for me to put my ego and attitude aside and pick up a convo with somebody I don’t know, but its something that I have been working on at getting better at. Luckily I have a great team that makes it a little easier to get with the right people.

TMC: What is your favorite thing about being in the music industry? STO: My favorite thing about being in the music thing is the appreciation for the music you get sometimes from fellow artist and fans. I would love to say the check is but I mean I haven't made no real money yet so the love you get back from something you put your heart into to present to the world is the best right now.

TMC: What makes you stand out from all the other artists trying to come up? STO: I think my approach to each track is what makes me stand out like Im never the same guy almost from song to song, I can do a monotone slow flow, speed or chop it up all in one song. I think my cadence is very unique, like you know when you hear a Luda, or a TIP or a Busta verse you know when you hear a STO verse like even if you gave that same verse to a different artist it would not be the same. I think my story telling ability also sets me apart for other artist.

TMC: What's something people may not know about STO?
omething people may not know about me. I hardly ever listen to rap music in my leisure. Im almost always listening to R&b. Im like infatuated with the female vocal. I love a strong vocalist like the late great who Whitney Houston who I think the world will never see another like her. I also like others like Mariah, Adele, Lauryn Hill, Etta James, Jennifer Hudon etc. I think the ability to sing is truly a gift from God and should be appreciated as such.
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