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Adella Pasos
Location: Chicago, IL


The Diverse and Sexy, American –born model, has been modeling since 2006. With her bright smile and Sexy and Sultry look, this model has melted the hearts of everyone to whom she’s come in contact with. Adella Pasos is one of those entrancing ladies of the camera; a genuine modeling rarity.  You can tell she takes her body seriously which is a necessity in the modeling business and a great sign of motivation and work ethic.

Adella initially got her start in the industry by conducting market research and creating business plans for small to mid size businesses that needed a new perspective on how to drive sales by use of marketing and promotions.
As a model herself and promotions coordinator, this gave her the opportunity to explore the public relations side of marketing. She used her bright talents to execute with excellence.

 Quickly gaining exposure, she immediately began to organize promotional modeling events, hosting for celebrity parties, and branding her name as a spokes model. This girl not only has good looks, but intelligence, drive, and the power to communicate effectively amongst the professionals in our industry. Since then, Adella has been busy moving and shaking up the scene, posing for clothing ads, being featured in magazines, making fashion show appearances, and working with professionals in the Music & Film industries.

Whats Next for Adella? She is currently transitioning into a film career, as she’s started taking on several rolls aimed at the young adult audiences.

 Special Skills
Dancing, Design, Marketing, Public Speaking, Singing

Macaroni and Cheese, Nice smelling hair, Bad boys, Toys
Bad Breath, Egos, and Dirty nails
Height: 5’8
Weight: 145 lbs
Bust: 36
Waist: 24

TMC: What made you want to start modeling?
My love for fashion, my passion for glamour and makeup, and clothing brands drove me into the modeling field. I love being in the spotlight and the ability to convey emotion in imagery makes me proud of the work I do.

TMC: How long have you been modeling?
: I’ve been modeling on and off for 6 years. I specialize in swimsuit, lingerie, bridal, fashion, and lifestyle modeling.

TMC: Did you always want to be a model?
My mother was actually big influence in my life with keeping me on track with achieving my goals in becoming a model. She actually put my into a modeling school at the tender age of 6. She believed this is what I was meant to do. When I was taken out of modeling school to attend traditional school, I didn’t pursue modeling until I became much older.

TMC: Is there anything you do besides modeling?
I have a strong desire to conquer and to keep pushing every day towards obtaining my goals, so besides modeling, I’m working on a business and marketing plan for my e-commerce store to be released. I’m passionate about music and dance as well.

TMC: What would you say is your best feature and why?
I get a lot of compliments on my personality, charm, and ability to win people over, and that I get told that I am a very non judgmental person. I’m very down to earth caring person, who like to genuinely get to know each person I come in contact on an individual basis. I feel we can always offer incite to each other especially in many aspects of our lives. Most people feel they can be real and upfront around me, and are easy to let their guard down. They respect this lot.

TMC: What feature would you say you like best when it comes to men?
When it comes to men, I love their scent. If you smell good, or you are wearing cologne that smells good, it sparks my interest immediately!

TMC: What is your definition of the term “Complete Package” a.k.a “The Complete Woman”?
I have the ability to carefully listen to anyone’s needs and being to understand
What steps have to be in place to achieve a winning position or meet our goals.
I'm very flexible, responsible, and present myself in a humbly manner. Women should have these qualities, but also should be able to assist in the house hold, if married, she should be able to offer support to her man and challenge and develop her kids. She should be fairly independent and appear feminine and womanly.


TMC: In your opinion what are the negatives and positives of modeling?
Negatives: The industry is extremely competitive Positives: It allows you to creatively express yourself in a visual form, and accelerate your communication skills.

TMC: What's something people don't know about you?
You would probably not expect to know that I’m a painter, and artist in nature. I have a passion for the arts, and believe art has much relevancy to all of our lives. I specialize in oil and acrylic painting, sculpture, and also graphic arts.
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