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Swagger: "To walk with an air of self-confidence, as a reflection of ones dress, shoe game, and attitude." - (Facebook: Swagger Handbags, Accessories & Footwear).

Founded in 2008, by Tyniece Hall, Swagger Boutique "provides you with light weight, edgy, unique, sexy, and stylish custom handbags, footwear and handmade accessories." Adding a unique, custom-made twist, to the current and fashion forward trends, whether its footwear, handbags, or accessories, Swagger Boutique, keeps you on-point!

Swagger Boutique's mission is "to provide you with fashion forward and affordable and high quality statement pieces that has major Swag! Don't wear it....ROCK IT!"

"For CEO and designer Tyniece Hall is passionate about her craft. "I create my “Own” style, When I first started experimenting with styling I would hear comments like "what does she have on" or "why is she wearing that!" Originally from the inner city of Milwaukee, WI her family didn't have much money to buy the latest styles so, making due with what she had helped her create  unique fashion looks. 

In 2004 she worked as a assistant and stylist for a local designer, at that moment she knew that was where she belonged. In 2007 while working in a friend’s boutique in Oakland, California she had the opportunity to style women and learned how to dress an array of different personalities and styles. A year later, Swagger Boutique for Handbags, Accessories and Footwear was established. 2011 was Swagger's break out year, "I discovered my niche for designing handbags, footwear and jewelry. I design for women who desire a custom, unique, edgy, fashionable look and I make sure quality materials and  merchandise is available conveniently online to women at a low cost." 
- Biography

MP: When did you know that the 'passion for fashion' was more than a hobby?
TH: I was passionate for fashion at a very young age, maybe around the age of 7, I used to create looks for my Barbie dolls and I also loved watch my Mother and my Aunt get ready to go partying, there was a lot of sequins, heels and jewelry, I loved how they the sparkled! When I reached my teens I would sneak into their closets while they were gone and try on "my" favorite items. I started sketching designs in my early 20's but I found my niche for designing jewelry, handbags, and footwear 3 years ago.

MP: What separates you from your competitors?
TH: I am very eclectic and am not afraid to think and step out of the box. I design according to my mood and I try to stay away from trends. I like to set my own.

MP: What is your favorite part of owning and operating your own business?
TH: For one, being my own Boss, Lol! But I love having the freedom to express myself through my craft.

MP: Have you worked with any prestigious names so far? If so, who?
TH: Well...so far I have been blessed to place Swagger Accessories on Lisa Raye, Vanessa Simmons, Tamyra Gray and the legendary Debbie Allen!!

MP: Anything new/exciting coming in 2013 that The MC Magazine can get an exclusive sneak about?
TH: Well yes! I am always working on new projects but this year I am going to take the Swagger brand "Green". I will provide a service to women by re-purposing their footwear, handbags and jackets that they have in their own closet. I am also starting a men's accessory line.

"Swagger Boutique provides you with custom, unique, edgy, stylish and classy handbags, accessories and footwear that can be worn on the runway to everyday. Swagger strives to create unique pieces that all can wear for any occasion." - Biography

Thank you so much Miss Tyniece, it was a pleasure getting to know you and your brand! Much success to you and happy new year!

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Twitter: @swaggerboutique

Instagram: @swaggeraccessories

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