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Kyle Young (Pirate)
Location: Springfield, MA / Hartford, CT
Genre/s: Pirate Rap / Hip Hop / Gutter Pop
Label/Unsigned: Young! Records / Young! Studios


TMC: Introduce yourself.    
KY: Kyle Young (me) is not your typical rapper. I started off in 2004 making my own beats and doing my own artwork as well as music videos. I created the style that many rappers use today as far as promotion. I am an all around artist, so there will never be a day when I "throw in the towel". My dad often uses the quote "to create is to live" and that is my main philosophy in life. In my music you will hear every emotion I go through, whether it's pain, joy, confusion, inebriation, or anger, its all authentic and I take high pride in that. I do not follow the mainstream route, and people love my indie spirit. My genre is pirate hip hop, infused with catchy pop hooks. I am a star.

TMC: What made you pursue music?    
KY: Life made me pursue music. My pain and struggles drives it. My homie Scatterboxx introduced me to creating my own music in high school. I found i was good at it, and i could combine my other arts, visual and digital into it.

TMC: What sets you apart from other artists?     KY: The biggest thing is my film degree. I rarely release songs as audio. Most of the time I release it as a video. I am able to start with a song idea, create the beat, engineer my vocals, master the song, write a video treatment, shoot it, edit it, distribute and market/promo it. I am a one man army, and I am a beast.

As far as music and message, I feel my voice is unique, my vocals range from deep raspy, to higher pitched melodic. My beats are dope. They range from old school sample based, to new age trap, and sometimes the combination of the 2. My message is always simple, but real. I have a very hard time fabricating songs. 99% of the time my lyrics are based off of something that Kyle Young has experience. I'm a gemini/personality disorder/ stoner/drug lover/south paw/hopeless romantic/hip hop nerd so my songs and music vary immensely, even when on the same compilation. You could say I'm tightly all over the place.

TMC: What's something people may not know about you?     KY: My favorite food is french toast, and my favorite song is "For the Longest Time" by Billy Joel.

TMC: What projects do you have planned for the near future?     

KY: International tour, huge artist collabs Feature films (Diamond Ruff) , A new album, more short films, a million music videos, reality show, a hip hop musical, clothing line creating a whole new art form/element of hip hop

TMC: What's your claim to fame?KY: Getting my music video for my song "are you sleeping" ft. Star Trak Natasha Ramos, placed in Macy's department store on the TV screens

Also getting to work with legendary producer, Easy Mo Bee.
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