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DJ YRS Jerzy

Title/s: Mixtape
Location: Charlotte, NC
SKE Records

Email: DjYrsJerzy@Gmail.Com


"DJs role in the industry is the most important because through the DJs brings artist promotion and other outlets for artists."

TMC: What was it about being a DJ that made you want to pursue it?
YRS:  I just love everything that comes with Djing I feel like being a DJ is one of the most important aspect in the music industry. With out the DJ’s you wouldn’t have club spins, radio spins, or any promotion behind your music. If you’re an artist the most important thing you should do is contact the DJs.

TMC: Before becoming a DJ were you influenced by other DJs? If so who?
YRS: I was influenced by funk master flex, I was always into how hype he would have hot97. I’m also inspired by DJ Drama his grind on the mixtape scene is crazy. There’s plenty of DJs that I’m influenced by I just like to work with everyone who is on there grind.

TMC: How important do you feel a DJs role is in the industry?
YRS: I think the DJs role in the industry is the most important because through the DJs brings artist promotion and other outlets for artists. If you are an artist and you don’t network with the DJ’s your career will only go so far. I tell my artists all the time to contact DJ’s they can make or break your career.

TMC: A lot of artists, especially the Up & Coming trying to make their way into the business don’t really know how to come at djs. What advice can you give?
YRS: Always make sure that you have everything that a DJ needs to promote you. When you email a DJ make sure you songs are tagged right you want to make everything easy for us we don’t want to go looking for your projects. As long as you continue to send good music for us we can always help you out.

TMC: What do you feel the industry is missing?
YRS: I think the industry is missing a lot more of unique artists a lot of artists have beats that sound the same I like to hear something different. As an artist I feel like you shouldn’t try to imitate another artist. I’m just looking for more talent that the game could have.

TMC: Who are some upcoming Artists that you support right now?
YRS: I support my artists J Paq & Chox-Mak they have been constantly working non-stop. Also my brother Slide Dillinger he has a dope project in the works called “Sacrifices” and he will be dropping visuals and freestyles real soon. Trel Mack is another dope artist on the rise I’m apart of his label SKE Records he’s next up and were all just on the grind right now.

TMC:What are some projects you are currently working on?
YRS: I’m working on “Talented Minds” with Q The Question the co-owner of SKE Records. We are currently accepting slots at qthequestion@gmail.com. I’m also getting ready to drop a instrumental mixtape with a producer I manage named Lex Gunna its called “ Beats 4 The Trap 2” and it drops February 28th.

TMC:If your accept it, how do artists go about submitting tracks for mixes or mixtapes?
YRS: You have to send me your best work and make sure that it fits the series that I’m working on at the time. I don’t just accept any thing I like to hear that the artists on my mixtape are putting in the work. I like originality, show me that you are original and I’ll work with you.

TMC: What's something people may not know about you as a person?
YRS: A lot of people don’t know that I also manage artists I like to work with everyone on the come up. I’m about my business and never mix it with personal things. I like to separate business and personal life.
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