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Daddy Reej

Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre/s: Club Rap, RnB, Rap
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned


TMC: Introduce yourself.    
DR: Wassup , I'm Daddy Reej !

TMC: What made you pursue music?    
DR: I Use to dance & i could never find the right music to dance to so i started making my own music with my cousins ; Breezo, XL, & Prince Brodyy .

TMC: What sets you apart from other artists?     
DR: I make music that i want to hear. I try to give as much "Reej" into a track that i possibly can . so when people here my music they can tell what type of person i am

TMC: What's something people may not know about you?    
DR: My Favorite Animal is a Penguin because they are so different . They are birds but they were like " forget that i wanna stick out & swim" . i feel like I'm a penguin in this world .

TMC: What projects do you have planned for the near future?    
DR: I'm Working on a mixtape currently set to drop on April 15th then after that I'm working on an EP called iMAGINE . I also Might being going to tour with Breezo & Dc Durante to schools around GA
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