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Dez Nado

Location: Jacksonville
Genre: Hip hop
Label/Unsigned: VIPSquad Entertainment LLC

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Rapper, Poet, Lyricist, Musician, Artist; all titles collectively constitute an accurate description of “Dez Nado”, an acronym for The D.efinition of E.ffort and Z.eal iN A.mbition and D.edication to O.pportunity.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Dez Nado was introduced to what was then just the hobby of rapping at the age of 11. Since then, he has grown into an authentic prospect in the rap game. He saw his first successes early on as an independent artist; generating a fan base by plugging his own projects at local shops and hot spots, as well as booking, promoting, and organizing his own shows by the age of 19, Dez Nado began to break out of the local scene and shine in bigger markets like Atlanta, Orlando, and Las Vegas (as evidenced by the feature interviews and fans calling in on his latest projects “Freestyle Filez: Volume 2” and “Freestyle Filez: Volume 1”). Not only does he stand out lyrically, but he’s also a college student, former DJ of his own college radio show and current radio programming specialist at the largest university in Florida, producer/studio engineer, self-started CEO, and publisher. His name is much more than just a name; it has become something that he lives by.

Currently, Dez is pushing his latest mixtape album, “Freestyle Filez 2″, the follow up for his 2011 mixtape album "Freestyle Filez 1" both available for free listen/download on his website www.whoisdeznado.com;

His music videos (www.youtube.com/deznado), online TV shows (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/vipsquadtv), and thousands of plays/views accompanying both have all become indicators of Dez Nado’s versatility, one-of-a-kind work ethic, and growing popularity. With a steady, unshakeable “grind state of mind”, Dezis known to deliver from the smallest 16 bar verse to the full length LP; he’s not a threat, he’s a promise!

TMC: Introduce Yourself.
DN:What's good! I'm Dez Nado, Diggy Niggy, artist, musician, lyricist, mind changer, things like such. Straight out of Duval also known as Jacksonville, Florida.

TMC: What made you pursue music?
DN: It all started with my brother and two of my cousins, they wrote my first verse I ever spit when I was like 12 years old and ever since that first time I heard myself back over the stereo the whole rap thing just kinda stuck with me. I started making beats a couple years later when I got my first keyboard and just started recording my own tracks. It went from just being a hobby to a passion, something that I wanted to be the best at and I still feel the same way about it today.

TMC: What sets you apart from other artists?  
DN: My name, Dez Nado: The Definition of Effort and Zeal iN Ambition and Dedication to Opportunity, it's an acronym so it's a word for every letter, but it's more than that because it's a way of life, it's what I live by; always giving 110% effort, making no excuses, music is my passion and you see that in what I do and how I do it, and dedicating myself to every opportunity. Other than that I think it's all about being authentic, being real and original, not being somebody who's "The Next so-and-so" or "Sounds like MC this-and-that", I feel like instead of being the next anybody you should be the first and only you.

Download "Freestyle Filez Volume 2"

Official Video

TMC: Tell us something people may not know about you? 
DN: I like to do it all, musically. From dj'ing, to writing, to mixing and studio engineering, I like to have my hands in some of everything when it comes to the whole process of song creation and music. You might hear a track and be like who did this? Dez Nado? And think it's simple as writing it, rapping it, and that's it. But it's so much more that goes into it that people don't see, like the production and post-production process, mixing and adjusting levels in the studio, throwing in effects, chopping up beats and experimenting with different sounds, even pluggin your own tracks after it's done out in the streets, networking and building relationships, and distributing. These days you kind of have to know how to do it all yourself to be successful.

TMC: What projects do you have planned for the near future?  

DN: Freestyle Filez 2 is the best mixtape I've ever been a part of, we're pushing that now, just dropped it a few weeks ago. It's the last Freestyle mixtape I'm gonna do for a while, just wrapped up a video shoot for my track "Do Sumn" that features Kanye West, that track is on Freestyle Filez 2, and I'm going to be releasing the first single to my album 300 PERCENT in the summer, then we're shooting for September or October to officially release the album. It will be available online via www.whoisdeznado.com and other sites, so stay tuned.
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