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Reb Skylarker
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Rap
Label/Unsigned: CMExDPG


Reb Skylarker recently dropped GLOWTape December 20, 2012! His third album release to date, in 2 years which a sequel to his previous released EP is entitled “GLOWEP” that is now available at Hot New Hip Hop! Also, GLOWTape commercial which is available via youtube! This album includes a collective mixture of hardcore club bangers, and soulful tempos with an R&B twist!  It features major guest appearances from Ricky Tann, a notable producer from Virginia and Paul Cabbin Beats from PCMG LLC! The previous single “DSBG” (prod. by Florida Goon) has already received major air plays at  Radio Invasion!

This artist originates from New Jersey but now currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. He made his entrance into this music industry beginning in 2006 which further enhanced his admiration of music a lot more! His influences include J Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, and Lupe Fiasco!

"Rebel MC" feat. @DJ_Azul (prod. by @IMFrontier)

This album consists of something from everyone to enjoy, “Forward: Barack Obama Anthem” has already made his mark at major radio production companies such as NGA Radio out of Atlanta, Georgia and MOC Radio out of Miami, Florida. Currently, Rebel MC video is OUT NOW. The video can be found on YouTube as well as New Jersey’s blog www.redlipstyk.com & www.cisetvblog.net. A new album release,  REBELS WORLD, is set to be released this upcoming summer. Also, in effect is the GLOW Tour which kicks off this summer.

Check Out his Latest Music:

TMC: Introduce Yourself.
RS: What's good TMC! Its ya Rebel, Reb Skylarker; Rebel if you're a G, the Rebel MC! And you're now rocking with the CMExDPG Rebel Crew on The MC Magazine!

TMC: What made you pursue music?  
RS: The love for the art. The art of Hip Hop. I pursued music because of the culture. Plain and simple.

TMC: What sets you apart from other artists? 
RS: My grind! haha. My grind separates me from other artists simply because the job is never done. There is always something more you can do no matter what you're doing. I made this music my business and so I go full throttle until I feel that I have accomplished my desired goal. Sometimes the goal is never accomplished because there is always more you can do! Grind harder to shine the brightest! Rising Star.

TMC: Tell us something people may not know about you?
RS: Well, I discovered the name Reb Skylarker in 2011 while writing my debut project, "I Think I'm Signed" which has over 86,000 plays on Mixconnect! The name just fell out of the sky for me honestly. I always had the Rebel part. Reb been my name since the age of 12; but the Skylarker just came down from Heaven, word Up! But for those who don't know a Skylarker is a bird (Skylark), known for its melodic notes while hovering at a great height! I even had to look up the word myself to see if it was a real word, haha.. But I give all credit to God. Music is my destiny! I was created to spread Peace & Skyscrapers to the world.. They call me Reb Skylarker!

TMC: What projects do you have planned for the near future?
RS: I'm working on  R.E.B.E.L.S World. Looking forward to that being a Summer release. I'm working on my next Walking Prodigies album, "Walking Prodigies II: The Duet." Don't want to release too much information about the album but just know that its going to be a real game changer! We're working towards that GLOW Tour to kick off this Summer too. Oh yeah, "G.L.O.W: The Documentary" will be dropping soon! We have so much in the works right now, its just a matter of staying focused and committed and achieving those goals. For more information from any upcoming projects from Reb Skylarker & The Rebel Crew, just FOLLOW me on Twitter!

Thank you so much for this opportunity to be in your magazine! Really appreciate the love & support! 

- Reb Skylarker
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