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Get to Know Oktayne [Vocal]

PP: Please introduce yourself. Where are you from? What is your stage name and what do you 'do'?
O: I am from a small town in Northern California, called Rodeo. My stage name is Oktayne. I am rap/hip-hop artist and a video editor.

PP: How would you describe your sound to the TMC audience if they are listening to you for the first time?

O: It’s like listening to a younger LL Cool J mixed with a little Talib Kweli. 

PP: How long have you been in the hip-hop scene and what are some of your hardest challenges you've overcome?
O: I been in the scene 2009, and my challenge is being the underdog out in my region.
PP: What are your thoughts about the new wave of hip-hop music that is more musically influences, more melodies (singing), and less political influence such as what Tupac and Run DMC use to rap about?
O: I believe that the artists are more experimental with their voices rather if it’s good or bad. It got to a point where singers would rather rap than sing.
PP: What is your current project out right now and what inspired it?
O: It is called Feature Presentation by dreams of wanting to be famous.
PP: Have you worked with any prestigious names so far? If so, who? Who would you like to work with?
O: Not Yet. Kendrick Lamar, Ab~Soul, Adele, Miguel and Jhene Aiko are the only folks that are famous that would collab with because they fit my style.
PP: What is your greatest accomplishment so far that you're most proud of?
O: One of my songs California Soul is considered on a buzzing blog called www.californiality.com/as one of the billions of California songs.
PP: Where can people find your music?
O: www.oktayne.com is the hub for Oktayne’s orginials.
PP: Anything new/exciting coming in 2013 that The MC Magazine can get an exclusive sneak about?
O: A new single is coming soon; I can give you the exclusive when I get ready to drop the song.

Great! We look forward to hearing it first here at TMC! Thanks for your time

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