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Location: Boston, MA
Genre: HipHop
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned

Iyadonna (pronounced eye-a-donna) is from Roxbury, MA. Iyadonna has written and recorded with DJ Clinton Sparks and has received radio play across the nation. Iyadonna graduated from Norfolk State University in Virginia. Iyadonna worked as a radio personality on Hot 91.1 FM until she graduated. Iyadonna then moved to New York city to concentrate on her music full time. Releasing Respect in ...2009, it was picked up by Music Choice, gaining fans all around the country. Iyadonna's buzz is spiking in the right direction. In 2010 Iyadonna wrote and recorded the very successful up tempo dance track "Be Myself". The remix to Be Myself featured the 2 time Grammy nominated party king Fatman Scoop, again igniting Iyadonna's name even more. Iyadonna has released numerous singles on itunes & Amazon, including Antidote (2011)(produced by the BAR Group), Emotions (2012), and most recently "We Should Be Stars"(2013). Iyadonna continues to light up stages everywhere and has performed at SOBs New York for the 38th & 39th Zulu Nation anniversary party, Gramercy Theater, House Of Blues, Bum Squad Dj retreat Las Vegas, UCONN and more. IYADONNA has a EP called Occupy The Industry available now. Also, the latest mixtape The SheMixes is available on-line and in hard copy if ordered. Now Iyadonna is preparing to release her first LP titled The Melnea Cass Project due out this March. She is now working with DJ Power of the Zulu Nation/Cold Crush Bro's as well as Gargle Grenades Llc. and Gittuff Entertainment. Big things are in the works for Iyadonna aka Melnea Cass so please keep your ear to the streets! This is a movement hunny!

"Barz N Crowdz" 
(Official Video)

TMC: What was it about music that made you want to pursue it as a career? 
Iyadonna: Music has always been a part of my life. It's my passion. My uncle was into music, he plays every instrument. It's just in my blood. Since I was a kid I was always performing in some way shape or form. That would be my ideal job. Hitting stages every night. Doing interviews like this. I love the way music shapes society, good or bad. I just want to be a part of it. I want this to be my piece of history. Music is history. That's special.

TMC: Who can you say you look up to the most when it comes to music? 

Iyadonna: Lauryn Hill. Her music changed my life when I was younger and made me realize I could actually do it all. I don't have to choose. I can sing or rap or both. She taught me to be creative with my talent and combine it all. Oh & Jay Z. Ppl talk a lot about Jay but I grew up listening to him articulate his life. That's what it's about. Being honest and using your words creatively.

TMC: You have a project that your working on, can you tell us a lil about it & what to expect?

 Iyadonna: Melnea Cass Project is about to drop end of this month. It will be my first official LP. Don't want people to confuse it with a mixtape. It is NOT a mixtape. Mixtapes are cool, I'll be dropping one this summer but this? This is a album. It has something for everyone on there. Some revolutionary music, some street shit, party joints, songs for the MC's, slow melodic songs, everything. I'm so proud of myself and everyone involved in this project, it's going to be incredible. I called it Melnea Cass Project because Melnea Cass was a female black activist from Boston. I wanted people to learn about her and my city and this was a perfect way to do it.

TMC: What has been your most significant achievement & biggest challenge for you since you've started music.Iyadonna: My biggest achievement so far was performing at Zulu Nations 38th and 39th anniversary party. One was at SOB's in NY. The other at Gramercy Theater. Both shows were incredible, and being around so many vets was special and meant a lot to me. Working with Fatman Scoop (Be Myself remix) was incredible too. He bought the song to life and we crossed a lot of musical boundaries. My biggest challenge has been not getting discouraged and staying on the right path. Not slapping this shit out nay sayers. Keeping my head up. Not becoming a smut. Staying real to myself. Nobody could ever say I slept my way to the top. No, I worked my way to where I am and will continue to do so.

TMC: There are many female artists on the come up, what makes you unique? 

Iyadonna: My ability to appeal to a broad audience makes me different. I can write hip hop, rap, pop, R&B, dub step, and everything in between. Not only can I create all these different genres of music, but I can actually do each equally as well. I also perform with a love band, giving my music a much stronger impact. Kinda like a female Black Thought/Roots thing.

TMC: Tell us something people may not know about Iyadonna.

 Iyadonna: I'm a avid sports fan. Don't talk to me when the game is on! I'm from Boston so of course Boston is my team. (Celtics, Patriots, Redsix, Bruins) Win, lose, or draw I don't switch. I'm also a licensed life insurance agent. Random, I know.

TMC: Anything Else? 

Iyadonna: Look out for my new video for We Should Be Starz w/ Reggie Hills directed by GabeMAFilms. It is going to be more like a movie than a video. Barz N Crowdz is out now on youtube doing quite well. dir by RoseGlenEnt. Follow me on twitter, Facebook, ITunes, reverb nation, etc... I will be performing in Brooklyn NY opening for Cormega this Friday at Knitting Factory. April 3rd will be at Public Assembly with a live band (Fam Band) performing live. Come out and see a great show!

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