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Eddie Kayne of the  


PP: Please introduce yourself and what you 'DO' for the MC magazine audience.

EK: I’m Eddie Kayne the hottest independent radio/video personality herd in 91 + countries world wide. I offer a platform for independent artist to be seen and showcased without leaving their respective country, state, or city.

PP: When did you start your radio show and what inspired you to do so?

EK: I started almost 5 years ago with 420 Friendly Radio my partners thought

it would be good for us to do a radio show because we were so hilarious together.

I’ve been involved with music my entire life so I’ve always have had a passion for it.

My partners decided they wanted to focus more on comedy and I wanted to focus on music due to independent artist not having an avenue and a lack of connections, so I decided to start my own show… The Eddie Kayne Show dedicated to “Independent Artist World Wide”

PP: What does your radio show offer that others [radio shows] may not offer?

EK: My radio/video shows are full of energy; we dedicate ourselves to independent artist versus most radio shows dedicating their play list to national artist. We have a video show The Eddie Kayne Top 10 countdown Show that we air on UrbanEtv.co on Tuesday nights spotlighting the hottest (INDEPENDENT) videos from around the world. Most artist don’t have a platform to showcase their videos like national artist have BET & MTV so we’re that outlet. We interview artist from around the world on the live shows intertwining them giving them a chance to be seen by folks who would never seen them in most circumstances.

PP: We notice that you heavily support the independent artists (as do we), do you also play and support mainstream artists?

EK: NO!! Only if a national artist is on the record with an independent artist.

PP: What is your favorite part of owning and operating your own radio show?                                                    
EK: Having the control over what I play! INDEPENDENT MUSIC!!

PP: We see that you've done showcases, concerts, with big names like Cricket Mobile, etc. Any other showcases or concerts coming up? If so, when and where? Give us all the details you can!

EK: Stay tuned….We just wrapped Friday Night Lights concert series in Baltimore MD in a 280 seat Theater . The entire concert series was dedicated to independent artist performances. We re-enacted what major concerts resembled but on an independent level. We had artist from N.C. D.C. M.D. V.A. N.Y. & DEL. Follow me on twitter:
@EddieKayneshow or Facebook:  Eddie Kayne or Eddie Kayne TV show

PP: Where can our audience find your radio show?

EK: Tuesday night 8 pm EST on Urbanetv.co 

Saturdays 1-4pm EST syndicated on WLVS RADIO 

PP: What is your greatest accomplishment so far that you're most proud of?

EK: I’m literally changing the Independent music game world wide. We no longer need

major record labels or mainstream radio because the internet has allowed us to brand ourselves as well as other artist in regions mainstream radio simply can’t.

Most record labels and radio stations are out of touch and  that’s why we’re super successful. This is the same model Cash Money & No Limit started with minus the internet before the major distribution deals.

PP: Anything new/exciting coming in 2013 that The MC Magazine can get an exclusive sneak about? 

EK: Let’s just say this… EKS RECORDS will be the next major digital record label. We’re working on some major distribution right now nothing etched in stone yet however you can count on it happening. The Eddie Kayne show will be in Atlanta, GA
July 12-14th 2013 we’ll be having several parties with Indie artist performances. I’m chartering buses and booking rooms!! In addition I’ll be throwing more major independent artist concerts world wide. 

For interviews and rotation placement email eddiekayneshow@gmail.com. To book Eddie Kayne in your country or city email Niki show manager eddiekayneshow.niki@gmail.com. Also make sure to follow @EddieKayneShow on Twitter to stay up to date on he has going on next!

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