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Name: J.R. Allen 
Location: NY/NJ 
Genre: Hip Hop 
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned 


"Put it Down"

87' Born Bronx bred producer/songwriter J.R. Allen has been patiently awaiting his time to shine. Having produced music on Americas Got Talent in 2012 as well as a number of (award winning) independent films, commercials, web sitcoms and a humbling internship with fellow producer/entertainer Ryan Leslie. It appears J.R. has been groomed for the likes of a successful career, as a producer. But what does he offer as an artist? Growing up in the Bronx, having a rough childhood of physical & psychological abuse J.R. often felt misunderstood by his peers and associates. It was through the use of art & sound (music), which he began to explain himself in a relatable fashion. Having released a self produced EP in 2011 (S.T.A.R.) J.R. has often been referred to as "the next Kanye West" With soulful alternative samples, 808's that KNOCK, rapid fire delivery & catchy melodies/hooks, there is no question THIS KID HAS GOT IT! Currently J.R. has released a self-produced project entitled "Mind Playground" hosted by former Bad Boy A&R Senator Skid. Be on the lookout for this rising talent & follow his adventures on twitter @JrRahWhO

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