[Interviews] - World M.O.B Entertainment's Own @JayceVerse

Jayce Verse

Location: AUgusta, Ga
Genre: Rap
Label/Unsigned: World M.O.B. Ent.


TMC: For those who unfamiliar, tell the people who Jayce Verse is?
JV: I'm a rap artist out of GA. I'm between Atlanta and Augusta so much I'm about to claim both cities! I'm about real music not Swag rap. I'm a HUSTLER plain and simple I get it.

TMC: What made you want to pursue music as a career?
JV: Really i was about to go to the army and a friend of mine said give me a year and I'll make u a star. So in that years time i started to take rap serious and once i take something serious its hard for me to give up. It's like I'm addicted to the game.

TMC: Name some people who influence you the most when it comes to music?
JV: Outkast, Goodie MOB,UGK,Ball & MJG,Slick Rick,Master P,Tony Draper,Jay Z,Marshal Mathers

TMC: What is your favorite thing about being an artist?
JV: Knowing that people are listening. Music was my parent and guide all the time coming up and now I'm that for some kids today. AWESOME! I'm just glad to be here right now.

TMC: Any new projects you working on that you tell people about? 
JV: Look out for  "THE HOTTEST SUMMER EVER PT II" due out this summer! Everything is being released as a single. The Summer belongs to World MOB Entertainment and Jayce Verse. We already dropped my single Momma. And we're also about to drop The Twerk song and some videos!

TMC: Biggest Challenge since doing music?
JV: Death and Sickness. I always thought that after a certain point for us black men(25 & up) that we got OLD enough to stop killing each other, stop the G-ish and get money. That isn't the case though even though I'm in a different tax bracket my people still struggling with drugs, the ghetto and regular life. My parents are getting older an my family is why i do this in the 1st place. So if one of them is down I'm there to pick them up and its been a really hard road.As an artist it gets hard to find the words to put on paper if you cant get focused. If its not my best i don't want it out there. I' m a perfectionist.  

TMC: Who would be some of your ideal collaborators?
JV: Outkast, Ludacris,TI,Star Easy,Ray Money,Marshal Mathers, snoop,Dr Dre,GAME

TMC: What makes you stand out from all the other artists trying to come up?
JV: I'm humble And I stay hungry. How can you make music FOR the people while you looking down on them? I'm right here in the hoods, ghettos and the streets with them. We struggle together succeed or fail and I'll never forget where i came from or who helped me to get there. WHEN I SEE ARTISTS WHO ARE TO BIG TO BE TOUCHED IT MAKES ME SICK. How dare you look down on me when I spent my last 15.99 to get your sorry CD  an its not like you 2pac or JAY. I'm an ordinary person i just rap as my job.

TMC: What's something people may not know about Jayce Verse?
JV: When i was younger we was broke. No money in a dying city.I got teased a lot for being poor. I wore bo-bo's an shopped at the goodwill an salvation army. It wasn't until high school and moving to GA did i start to get it and come into my own. So when i talk about the struggle of everyday people, I'm really just talking about MYSELF.
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