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Real Right
Location: NY
Genre: Hip Hop
Label/Unsigned: CW-One Entertainment


Jarel Brown also known to the world as Real Right, is an American rapper born and raised in Bronx, New York. With his childhood similar to most minorities in the area, he was raised in a single parent home with some assistance from his grandparents. His mother struggled to make ends meet and since Jarel was the oldest of her children, he had no choice but to mature fast.

Everyday Real endured a small 3 bedroom apartment in the projects, which housed 8 other siblings (cousins) and four adults (uncles, aunt and grandmother), being spoiled or getting the silver spoon treatment was out of the question. At such a young age, he felt like he had so much weight on his shoulders. As he walked home from school, he constantly had to prove to the older guys in the projects that he wasn't a punk. Inside, he had to share a full size bed with 3 other siblings and fight for what was left of dinner. His escape lied within the realm of his headphones, as his cassette player began to play, his pen began to fill his pad with all his problems. The struggles that he wrote started out as just being words that slowly turned into poems and from poems they turned into lyrics. 

He recorded his first mix-tape, Definition Of A Soldier, in 2003, while being signed to an independent label Scotch Bonnet Records. Due to dead lines and being pressed for time, he was forced to rush his project that went know where fast. Because of the lack of promotion, no budget and having to deal with the fact that he was doing everything for himself, Real Right decided to leave the label after being with them for less then one year. After Scotch Bonnet Records, things seemed to go down hill for Real Right. The passing of his grandmother in late 2003 and his grandfather shortly after in 2004, took a toll on him mentally. His happiness seemed distant until the birth of his son Jarel Brown Jr. in 2006. Giving up his dreams of a music career seemed the obvious choice, allowing him to attain a steady job and provide for his family.

After endless days of writing and hundreds of studio sessions, he released his second mix-tape, 1st Impression, in February of 2011, which received over a thousand listens and downloads in its first day. For the first time, he felt ready. Real quickly shot his very first video for his single off the mix-tape "For The Haterz". Finally the phone began to ring and promoters were interested in having him perform. It would be that interest that grab the attention of a rep that worked with the former manager/owner of Premiere Entertainment/Group Inc. Carlton Wright in September of 2011.

Real dropped his first single “Bananas” in March of 2012 and recently dropped his second single “For The Haterz” in February of 2013. Both songs will be on Real’s album titled “It’s Only Right” that will be dropping in July 2013.

TMC: Introduce Yourself.
RR: Yea Yea Yea Yeahhh...Whats going on world, it's your boy Real Right coming straight from the birth place of hip hop, The Bronx NewYork.

TMC: What was it about music that made you want to pursue it?
RR: Once i realized that music was more than just a sound blasting through a speaker or a pair of headphones and it was more of an art, away of expression your feelings over a beat and its a good feeling to be able to say something that put people in a certain mood. Once i realized how powerful music is and how important music is to the world, i had to make it apart of me.

TMC: What sets you apart from other artists?
RR: I cant stand that question....lol. But i am very versatile, i can switch up my style at any time, meaning i can change flows whenever, i can go hard or soft, street or for the ladies. A lot of artist can't do that, their stuck in one lane.

TMC: What has been the best advice given to you that has stuck with you?
RR: There are 3 type of people in the world, One that waits for things to happen, one that makes things happen and one that wants to no, what the f*** just happened. Which one are you?

TMC: Tell us your biggest challenge and greatest achievement since
you've started music.
RR: I'm not going to say any names but just awhile ago, a friend of mines said to me "when you make it to Summer Jam or Madison Square Gardens, hold me a backstage pass" and all i can think about is, this
is the same person that never showed up to my local 10 or 20 dollar shows and he expects me to hold him a $100 or more ticket. "This dude crazy". I think my biggest challenge is going to be trying to figure
out who really supports me and who is just on the bandwagon. My greatest achievement so far is finally recording my very first album.

TMC: Tell us something people may not know about you?
RR: People think that i'm cocky and hot S***, but that's not true at all, I'm just very passionate in my craft and i take it very serious. I'm a real cool and humble dude if you get to know me.

TMC: What projects do you have planned for the near future?
RR: Well recently in May i dropped my 3rd album single titled "Twerk (What U Workin Wit)",we are currently putting together the video treatment for that. My Album titled "It's Only Right" will be dropping
on the middle or end of July 2013, so please go out there and support good music and get the single and album when it drops. And before i get out of here, go check out my website www.itsonlyright.com to stay
updated with me and everything that i have going on.
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