[Artists] - Beatboxer Turned R&B Singer @Travis3Miller

Travis Miller
Location: Fresno, Ca
Genre: RnB / HipHop
Label/Unsigned: Independent

Travis was born in the San Jose bay area and now resides in Fresno, California.  Travis started his journey as a HipHop/RnB singer not by singing a single note, but was considered a top 10 beatboxer in the world. He gained the ability to sing and beatbox simultaneously, where people would then point out his vocal ability. He found himself in front of a panel of TV judges where they, too, encouraged him with his vocal talents. Since then, Travis has gained accomplishments as an independent writer, even being considered to start writing music for multiple Billboard RnB, Pop and HipHop artists. Surrounding himself with a grammy award winning and nominated production team, Travis is striving to gain a top spot, himself, in the industry. 

TMC: Introduce Yourself.     
I am Travie Boy! RnB singer, Travis Miller.
TMC: What made you want to pursue music as a career?     
It wasn't really that I wanted to pursue music as a career, it just started falling into place. It started out as beatboxing, winning talent shows and going viral on Youtube, to singing and being introduced by talented musicians, producers and engineers. I became passionate about what I was doing and people started to gravitate to what I was creating.

TMC: Who are some people who have influenced you when it comes to music?  
Biggest influence has to be Musiq Soulchild. Our music is nothing alike, but he was the 1st artist I heard that really inspired me to even start singing. After that, Chris Brown and Jeremih helped me mold my sound and my approach towards lyrical content.

TMC: What is your favorite thing about being an artist?     
Being an artist is all about freedom. I'm turning emotions into sound. I put words to the exact feelings that I am feeling. It's an outlet for me, and by that people can relate and it becomes an outlet for everybody. I don't like to create what you can smell, touch, hear, see or taste. I like to create music you can FEEL.
TMC: Tell us somethings you're currently working on.     
I've got an album I am working on right now. I am unsure of the release date as of now. I've got around 20 songs finished, but I am not yet satisfied. I have a few more songs to finish up and I will be selecting a solid 10-12 songs to ensure that I am putting out quality, relate-able music. I feel like music has lost that part of the art. Too many singers and rappers and not enough artists.
TMC: What's something people may not know about you?     
I stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
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