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Tha Supa Producer

Location: South Carolina
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B
Label/Unsigned: Unsigned


Born May 22, 1991, Clifton Cooper, better known as Clif Tha Supa Producer, is a native of Hopkins, South Carolina. His southern style of production is not typical of the average Hip-Hop/R&B producer. His use of instrumentation and incorporating samples is what sets him apart from other producers.

He began making beats at the age of 14. Being that his family had a great musical influence on his upbringing, it was destined that Clif Tha Supa Producer would began to create music of his own. To him, each beat he made was another step of progression to being one of the best producers of the Hip-Hop/R&B genre.

Clif Tha Supa Producer has produced tracks for SC artists such as Tre Pleesn, Boss G, T-Roc of 48 Camp, Chuck Teez, and majority of in-house tracks for independent rap crew The StackHouse. Recently, he has worked with former Bad Boy artist Chopper City on the song titled "Swing My Way" on his latest mixtape 'Fillmore Slim.' He has also released three volumes of beat mixtapes with DJ Cannon Banyon. Part 4 will be released on May 22, 2013.

Overcoming many adversities, Clif Tha Supa Producer is working hard to gain major recognition. Not only does he want to make himself more known, but to also bring attention to the entire music scene of South Carolina.

Clif Tha Supa Producer Making a Beat

TMC: Introduce Yourself.     
Clif: I am Clif Tha Supa Producer. Upcoming producer and DJ based in the state of South Carolina. Born May 22, 1991.

TMC: What was it about being a producer that made you want to pursue it?     
Clif: What initially made me want to start making beats was the fact that I felt I had something unique to bring to the Hip-Hop/R&B world. At the age of 13, I honestly felt that majority of tracks on the radio were weak, which made me want to pursue the art of producing and how to form a complete instrumental. From that point on, it was a wrap and I've been dedicated ever since.

TMC: Give us some names of producers before you that you're influenced by.     
Clif: The main production duo I have always looked up to was DJ Paul & Juicy J. They were responsible for the hard-hitting, bass knocking and dark southern sound. They were also businessmen and brought a sense of unique, street qualities to the music industry. Growing up, that is who I would structure my beats after. To me, they had the perfect sound.

TMC: What is your favorite thing about being an producer?     
Clif: What I love about being a producer is the fact of complete creative control. There is no one that can tell me what sounds right or wrong. Being that I am very critical of myself, I always strive to push the envelope and bring forth something amazing that will forever be remembered.

TMC: Tell us somethings you're currently working on.     
Clif: Currently, I am working on some in house projects. My team, StackHouse, is constantly working on gaining exposure; Not just in South Carolina, but worldwide. I'm also sending out production and trying to reach out to other indie and major artists looking for a new sound!

TMC: What's something people may not know about you?     
Clif: One thing people may not know about me is my obsessive behavior. Not obsessive as in any type of mental issue, but obsessive as in constantly thinking of a way to make myself better. I am very passionate about anything I take part in. Music is my life and this is how I plan to make a living.
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